Growing Pains? Family?

Something about RB makes me chatty. Don’t do this on other sites.

Can’t find where I read the comment, but someone mentioned that all of the negativity was sounding like an “art riot.” On the surface…yes. Another couple of points came to me. First, Redbubble is having growing pains. It’s expanding daily. This is going to generate some new challenges for the staff and the artists. This can be good or bad, so far I think it’s pretty good. That’s just my opinion.

Second, my grandmother had four sisters. They were very close and would come to visit us often. When they all got together and started talking, you wouldn’t have believed all of the heated arguments that went on. Or so I thought they were when I was 8. As I got older I realized that was just the way they all communicated. They cared about eachother, and it generated some wild discussions. Could that be what’s going on here? We’re becoming more than a network. Maybe less than a real family, but a connection is growing. We’re feeling free and comfortable enought to gripe.

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  • Patricia L. Ballard