The Heat and Art Shows

It’s been too hot here for me to even blog. Thinking is an effort. Sitting with a laptop on my lap is uncomfortable! However, I do want to thank everyone on Redbubble for giving me some self-confidence. Many other aritsts have written on this same theme. If it hadn’t been for the positive comments about my work that i got on Redbubble, I would never have entered a local art show. One of my pieces got accepted. When I delivered it today, they told me that the show had 363 entries; and they gave out only 60 acceptances. Putting things on Redbubble gave me the incentive to go ahead and try entering on a local level. This is part of the point of the comments. Yes, people worry about all of the short positive comments, but to me they let me know which images are the most successful. I was also pleased that an image that was totally digital got in a show that will probably be mostly painting.

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