A Special Week

My daugthter is visiting this week. It’s her first visit since we moved to North Carolina in January. I had her read my journal entries and critique my writing. As she’s an English major, her input was welcome. She said that my writing lacked focus and that I should concentrate on one idea per entry, and that my punction was bad. Since I was in first grade, I’ve had trouble with spelling and punctuation. I also know that my journal entries lack focus. Do appreciate her comments? Yes! They were given in a helpful spirit. Will I change my style of writing, if you could call it that, to a more gramatically correct style? I will try, but every time I start writing in my Redbubble journal ideas and memories come flooding back to me. I have a terrible time focusing on just one idea. I’ve been using the journal to put almost forgotten parts of my life “out there.” It will probably continue to be a “combination plate” of ideas and memories. I’m more visual than verbal and will continue trying to share my experiences in my inexpert way, but I thank her for her help. It’s a treat to have her around to help me with one of my weak areas.

Journal Comments