My First Book - Ramblings of the Mind

I’ve put together a wee book with poems I wrote during my second attept at my second year of college (confusing, I know)…My first attempt ended up with me being “dismissed” half way through first semester..I had lost sight of my faith and God’s working in my life. For that entire year, the only reason I went to church was because my dad is the pastor and I felt obligated…praise God for “obligations” & for not giving up on us…

When I went back to college the following year, I entered into the exact same situations I had tried to run away from…kind of like Jonah, eh…but this time I had a new perspective…the verse that got me through that year was 1 Peter 3:9b.. knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing …the blessing I got out of it all was my wonderful wife – who just a year prior I thought was insane because she talked WAY TOO MUCH…little did I know that I’d have to endure that more often….

Anyway…enough of the background…you can view my book here

Thank you… & God Bless.

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