Sorry I haven't been on much

well here I go now…..sorry I haven’t been able to get on much to comment & reply to comments…Things with my dad’s door business has been going nuts..we’re very busy and dad leaves for Scotland on the 5th so we have alot to get done…then when I get home it’s my turn to referee the boys. I usually don’t get much more time than to do a quick check before bed – which tends to keep me up later than it should — oops ;)

Anyway…all’s well. Well actually that’s not entirely true….our nephew, Logan – he’s Bowman’s third son & for a quick recap Bowman went home to glory last Aug unexpetedly, anyway, Logan has two blocked arteries at his heart – ones that control air flow through the heart. He passed out last week which lead to the doctor’s finding this out. Apparently he was born with them, but they are just now becoming a problem. He’s 11 yrs old and has to get the “balloon” thing done to clear them….

Also my wife’s cousin Anthony Amero just lost his 15yr old son , John David, to a four wheeler accident on Sunday. Anthony told his boys not to take the four wheelers out on Sunday, but boys will be boys and John Paul hit a wire that sent him flying off his. His mum tried to perform cpr, but there was nothing they could do…

So quite a bit has been going on….hopefully I’ll be able to get back at things on a more regular basis, but as a general comment….“NICE WORK EVERYONE!!!!!!”

God Bless…

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