importan notes 11:49 est. late got to go.

i have 18 pages of “watchlist” artists so far. i am stopping for the evening.

but first i wanted to say a few things.
a. you rb’s did not surprise me a bit. you understood what i was trying to do and climbed aboard. make this concept work, the only way it will is for members of rb to “watchlist” this account.
-as that is the one way for this to work for you the “artist” as by me watch listing you. and by you “watch listing” PASS IT ON. a whole new market is open for you as an artist to see other works, and for other artists and buyers to see yours. (just imagine if all of us did this, how much more our own works would be open to a whole new audience.)

!!! you know how the feeds work on your own page. you have artists you watch , you see their works. when added.
--!!!you know now how the group feeds work now. the groups you belong to sends you a feed their art.when there is an update.

so as of now unless you reach out beyond , you “feeds”. that is all the art you are exposed to directly, and the same in reverse to one who sees your art (that exposure only from their feeds).
But,BUT, this i believe when i am finished, will allow, artists to see way more, and have way more exposure for their artworks.

so if your reading this. put “PASS IT ON” on to your watchlist!
there are so many rb’s out there! so many!
i myself as an artist not only enjoy having the exposure to my own art (which you will notice no art will ever be on this site under “PASS IT ON”)
as well as having been inspired by so many of all of you fab! rb’s out there!


yes this might seem like a chain from hell. but its not, its breaking out, and pushing our own art out there for all of us to see and enjoy.

the community of rb has been wonderful to me, as well as so many of you have inspired me. this is my way of saying thank you. to all of you.

add PASS IT ON to your “watchlist” and see what you have been missing out on!

i will have sections for suggestions and comments for a journal entry month by month.

monthly “soap box”
and of course a place for you to “shine” (as no exposure is the only bad kind!) . where you can put comments photos. a message of importance to you.(that you want to scream across the world) this is your soap box for your art use it! all rb’s are watching (when i am done)

the only things i do ask though please (no harsh words, and no xxx) as this should be a spot open to all.and i have noticed quite a few rb’s who are under 18.

this should be a place of exposure!
this should bee a place to shine
this should be a place open for all
and most important to get your works to where they are not being reached now.

why this is not a group at this time. i have done some background, and i believe this medium as an “artist” listing will help everyone more.

since i am working on this day after day until i have as many of you rb’s i can find. if you see an artist or a piece of work “pass it on” in the journal section. so i get it asap!

i randomly picked pieces tonight when i started same with the artists.
(and believe it or not, the 7 degrees of separation is more like 3 degrees here on rb. we are all so close, yet we do not know it yet!

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