Not Safe for Workplace Viewing

Hi Everyone,

I have had a couple of emails about my posting content that is not safe for workplace viewing. I thought I would write about my views on the subject.

I love beautiful things and I love freedom and equality. When I photograph I endeavour to capture the most beautiful subjects I can find. Further I then try to present them in the most beautiful and humble way. I believe material things can be exceptionally beautiful and also feel they possess an inner energy that can reach those who behold them with open minds.

My favoutite passions are women and automobiles. I have other passions that I love to photograph but these seem to have the most impact for me. I receive little if any sensorship re my cars but often am questioned about my shots of women. More often than not this attention is not related to pose or style but to if a nipple or vagina is shown.

I really cannot understand how showing a certain body part in a beautiful light can be dangerous to anyone. Would it be safer if it was a painted nipple or a photo of a nipple behind a tigh tshirt. If so why would it be safer? Also why is it that nude photos of humans can be dangerous when horses or wild animals can be presented even with genitalia included.

I believe we humans are very self absorbed when it comes to our bodies. I believe the only negative involved with a beautifully presented female nude is in how it is perceived. Sure there are plenty of social problems with female bodies and nudity, especially if these bodies are considered attractive.

Many men and women cannot handle the power of another nude form. We have I believe been conditioned to tarnish what in essence can be such a beautiful aesthetic and energy.

I believe if beautiful looking women felt gifted for their looks and were humble that perhaps others would be more empowered by viewing them. Further if others were secure as humans perhaps they could view the aesthetics of a nude woman and maintain a level of peace and control. I do not believe that lustfull men or jealous women will ever be empowered by protecting them from images of beautiful nude women.

Sensorship is in my opinion a questionable practice at best. With regards to beautifully produced images of naked women I believe any sensorship is really protecting the weak from their inner issues. I feel in general in society we would be far better off protecting less and discussing and searching far more. In my opinion we should endeavour to allow as much experience as possible to reach us. From here we should search for knowledge and wisdom. Only then will we really gain control and perhaps safety!

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