Creatives and Mental Health

I love being creative and love feeling deeply with my emotions. I believe I have been born sensitive and that this gift has allowed me to become creative as an adult. However until I began to become aware to the sensitivity gift I struggled much with my balance and emotional stability.

I never felt normal and used to become depressed for no apparent or rational reason. These days I am so much more aware to what I am feeling and am far more balanced. I still feel as much as ever but go deep into my heart for truth rather than judging everything on a surface level.

I believe that my sensitvity also provides me with an enhanced ability to feel the emotions of others and life. Therefor whilst life and people may appear to be in control, confident and strong my sensitivity alerts me that not all is as it seems. I am wondering if many of the people here on redbubble have similar levels of the sensitivty gift and if they too have struggled with their gift.

I love becoming aware to what my gift brings and find that embracing what I feel has opened up a whole new world for me. A much more peaceful and passionate one where I am finding much less struggle and far more joy. I have started a website that has a forum to discuss and explore various issues. Would love to have some of you join me there.

Best Wishes Tony.

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