Life is limited within a circle of time
time that is only held within the constraints of our mind
each moment in life passes with a breath
how we spend those breaths
is the true test of our existence
do we live just to make it through the day
or do we live with a dream of fulfillment
to know that there is a great hope of reason
reason to dream, live, love and be happy
without hope there is only a silent, dark, end
but silence can only exist where there is no sound, no thought
for even a thought can be heard in the chambers of the mind
and darkness can only loom where we block the light
for the light never quits shining it is always there to light the path
we only lose sight of it when we close our eyes to it
Live with the hope that lights your path
and follow the dreams that give you life
Enjoy each moment of existence and HOPE!

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