In The Face of Darkness

In The Face of Darkness

The shadows of life live all around us
After a night of dreaming restlessness
They look for a light to smother
A breath to extinguish, a life to disturb

They only live with the life we give them
With intentions only to deceive
We find the strength to turn to the light
To grasp the rays of hope of survival

Do not fear when the shadows emerge
They only block your vision for a point in time
For beyond their silhouetted dark shroud
Awaits the blessings of the Spirit of light

Through the cross that we must bear
And the tribulations of life we outlive
In this the face of darkness
We learn of hope, love, peace, and joy

So follow the light throughout your life
No matter where it may hide or seek you
The darkness cannot cover your world
If the light resides within your spirits soul

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