Thanking the following groups..

New & Upcoming Manipulated Art
Live Love Dream
Cityscapes & City Skylines
Capital Cities Of The World
Before & After and
Budget Photography for all featuring Reinvented History

Shapes & Patterns (thank you Maria!!) for featuring Liquid Carmine

New & Upcoming Manipulated Art
Digital Photography
Cityscapes & City Skylines and
Core [C.O.R.E] for all featuring Anamnesis

Around The World and
No More Colour for featuring Ornithol

Thanks very much to all group hosts for their generosity with these features, I am very grateful!



Thanks to the following groups..

Historic Landmarks Of Europe for featuring Tilted Reality

TTV: Through The Viewfinder for featuring Gambit

African Art & Photography for featuring Rustic Lineage

South West Art & Photography for featuring Solitaire

First Things for featuring Shadowlands

Dimensions for featuring Metallurgical

Sepia Only for featuring Caliginous Opera

The Fibonnaci Sequence For featuring both Sonic Acrobat & Playground Synthesis

And finally, Journal Junkies for featuring My Entry

Thanks so much to all hosts for selecting my work for featuring, means a lot to me!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, New Years, and general holiday period!!!



I just got INKED! What an honour!

Woke up today to find out that EMI have INKed / featured me in their INK publication

Such a massive honour to be mentioned in line with Earth Monster, EMI or (TH)INK!

I’m really over the moon and would like to thank ShadowDancer, and The EMI team. What a hard working bunch you all are!

You have really made my December with this one! Thank you all so much!!!



Thank You to the following groups..

Before & After, Dimensions and The Tilt Shift Phorography Gallery for all featuring Tilted Reality

Around The World for featuring Mindcircus

Speaking Photos (Storytelling) for featuring Shanty

The Top Favourite Group for featuring Carnivale

4 Winners Only for featuring Innocent

Around The World for featuring Charcoal

Mysteries Of The Common for featuring Fractured Harmony

Just Pure Nature, Circles Of Latitude and Before & After for featuring Rustic Lineage

Tuesday Afternoon for featuring Fountain

And a HUGE thank you to Before & After for making me a featured member today!

I have more appreciation for these features and generosity than I can express. Thank you to all hosts for appreciating my art!



The Big 5 - 0 :)

Tonight I hit 50,000 views. This is an important day to me as I set myself a goal of reaching this number within one year of joining, and it happened, 9 days before my target.…

Now to get a bit nostalgic and sappy.. I never actually thought I’d end up where I am on here today, with developed skills in photography and post processing, never actually thought I’d be able to open Photoshop and understand what any of it meant, and never thought I’d take the plunge and purchase a DSLR.

But here I am, all of the above happened and I owe it all to the friendly and supportive people on here. The amount of support and encouragement, as I have said before, is overwhelming on this site. For a budding and developing artist like myself, it really pushed me to experiment with different styles, learn off

Big Thanks to.. (milestones in features, favs and top tens too)

Wow, what a week this has been!…

I joined this site one year ago on December 18th 2008. I never thought at that time I would end up here today, where I am today!

Over this week I achieved some of the goals I set for myself. I reached 350 features, 1500 favourites and 150 top 10 challenge results. I really can’t believe that all these milestones have been reached in the one week, and this fast. As if that wasn’t enough, I was lucky enough to have Carnivale featured on the home page today. Needless to say, I am a very happy man today :)

I’d like to thank all the hosts for featuring my work in their groups:

Unwanted Abandoned & Saved for featuring Rusted Transmittance

African Art & Photography for featuring Profile

Capital Cities Of The World for featuring Under Tower

Before & After for fe

Watchlisted people randomly going M.I.A..

I’ve heard from a few people that I have vanished off their watchlist, and in the last two days, 2 people from my watchlist have vanished too.

Is this happening to a lot of us?

I’ve decided there is a watchlist demon running rampant in this place.

What does your RB account name mean?

So I just read this journal entry from midzing, and I thought it would be interesting to find out what some of our user names mean, where they come from, if they stand for anything at all..

I kinda explained part of this in another journal entry, but anyway..

I’ll start by saying parmi originated in 1999 when I worked at Village Cinemas. A co worker said “hey your surname sounds like parmigiana”. My surname is Paranavitana (Sri Lankan folks). For the next two weeks I was called parmigiana, which was eventually shortened to parmi, and now even to parm by some, Shoaib included :)

Other versions include, p-dog, p-man, parminator, parm-pilot and the one that makes me want to hurt people parm-diddy lol.

A really, REALLY nice surprise today..

My good mate Georgia came over a couple of hours ago and told me she wanted to purchase some of my work to give to her friends and family for Christmas this year.

This not only blew me away, but also made me really thankful to have such supportive and encouraging friends. There are really no words for how I’m feeling right now!

The pieces Georgia picked are:

I’d like to thank G for being such an awesome mate and person, and for the never ending encouragement provided. (G is an artist as well).

You are a legend!

Big Thank you to the following groups..

JPG Cast-Offs and The Male Photographer for featuring Atop Sacre Coeur

First Things for featuring Citadel

Australian Landmarks & Icons for featuring Daydream

Photography 101 and Colour And Light for featuring Profile

South West Art & Photography for featuring Etosha

Cityscapes & City Skylines for featuring Dissipating Rapture

Tunnel Vision for featuring Deep Voices

Massive thank you goes out to hosts of all groups for allowing me this great opportunities in their groups. It is very much appreciated!



Home Page Feature!!!

Logged in minutes ago to find out Carnivale has been featured on the home page!

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Doreen Phillips for selecting this piece. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have really made my week! I’m beaming! :)



Advice needed on paid shoot for a 21st bday party!

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lucky enough to have a mate of mine refer me to his DJ / Lighting company as a potential photographer for functions they run and organise.

Within 2 days of being referred, I have had an enquiry for a 21st bday.

I have no idea how much I should be charging for this. Anyone out there give me a bit of advice on pricing etc. This is what the client is after:

- 3 – 4 hour shoot at the party of people attending
- Minor post processing, sepia tone, b&w, spot removal etc

Would $80 an hour be too steep for this kind of function??

Any help is much appreciated guys, thanks so much



Many Thanks to the Following Groups..

If It Doean’t Belong for featuring Deep Voices:

JPG Cast-Offs and Colour & Light for featuring Playtime:

Colours Of The Wind for featuring Cataclysm:

Flora Fauna Landscape & Architecture Of South Africa for featuring Innocent:

JPG Cast-Offs for featuring Shapely:

No More Colour for featuring Hat Rehersal:

JPG Cast-Offs for featuring Daydream:

Monochrome for featuring Rusted Transmittance:

Dilapidated Buildings for featuring Safety Demonstration:

Cityscapes & City Skylines for featuring Citadel

If It Doesn’t Belong for featuring Retro:

And finally to Journal Junkies for featuring last weeks thank you journal! :)

My deepest thanks go out to all group hosts for making my week that much better and recognising my work.

Thank you all!!



Validation - everyone needs to see this at least once!

This 16 min short film was originally sent to me from Lorena Maria about a week ago, and it really hit home. Today, Karin Taylor posted it in a journal entry, and I’m doing a pay it forward kind of action, in posting it too.

I know it’s a 16 min film, but it’s definitely worth the watch, and it is relevant to photgraphy as well! Please watch it!!! The message within will make such a positive impact on your life


Andrew :)

My thanks go out to the following groups..

Colour And Light and Cityscapes & City Skylines and Monochrome for all featuring Empty:

Neon Haven for featuring Corroded Crisp:

All About New York State for featuring Empire Of The Dark:

Anticonsumerism for featuring Paradise Lost:

Out Of The Past for featuring Walk Alone:

Iberia for featuring Existent Past:

Live & Let Live for featuring Absolving Retribution:

Journal Junkies for featuring my journal entry on the publishing of my photos

And finally, a massive thank you to Christine Betts, host of Cityscapes & City Skylines, for doing me the huge honour of featuring all 4 of my lane way pieces!

Deep Voices:

Displaced Enchantment:


Discounted Memory

I am so thankful to all hosts for these opportunities, thank you all so much!



My photos published in a book.. a real book!

About 4 months ago my sister told me that one of her friends was looking through our photos from our 2008 Europe trip. Her friend works for a publishing company, and was impressed by the shots she saw, and wanted to use them in a book on Paris she was publishing.…

While I was excited at the time, didn’t get my hopes up about it, until it was actually done. In true Parmi style, I totally forgot about this until today, when a copy of the book turned up in the mail for me! The book is set for release on Dec 1st

I am currently in a state of shock that 6 photos (5 of mine and 1 of my sister’s) have been used in the book! I had to make a journal entry to commemorate the event :)

Below are the shots from the book and the original photos that I took while in Paris. So fitting that the book itself

Big Thank You to the following Groups..

Textures Unlimited and Nostalgic Art & Photography for both featuring Existent Past:

Indigenous To East & Southern Africa for featuring Innocent:

Nostalgic Art & Photography and The Male Photographer for featuring Predecessor:

Cityscapes And City Skylines and Earth Keepers for both featuring Paradise Lost:

Colour & Light for featuring Shades:

Live Love Dream for featuring Fractured Harmony:

JGP Cast Offs and Dimensions for featuring Empty:

I am really grateful to all the moderators who have given me these great opportunities. Thanks so much to all of you!!



Home Page Feature!

Pretty stoked to have Clandestine featured on the home page for the second time!! Unimaginable levels of joy are being experienced in this house right now.

I’m not too sure who I exactly thank for this, but whoever you are, you rock!!!

Totally had my long weekend topped off with a great finish, thanks very much :)


The Selby.. is in your place

The Selby

I was sent this link the other day, very interesting concept, of entering someone’s creative and personal spaces.

The people that have been selected are a really broad range of the creative world. Interesting to see how they live and work.

Thank you to the following groups..

Out Of The Past & Nostalgic Art & Photography for featuring Under Tower

Made By Nature for featuring Rock Framed

Art Of The Mundane for featuring Disconnection

Insomniacs & Other Night Crawlers for featuring Teriyakianarkisaki

For The Love Of Canon for featuring Phoenix

Earth Keepers for featuring Brother’s Adventure

TTV: Through The Viewfinder for featuring Crepuscule

Escher & Perspective Art for featuring Dry Waves

I’m so grateful for the features and send my deepest thanks out to all moderators!!



The "Food Dye in Water" Set Up

BlueEyesJus asked me to do this a while back and I totally forgot (sorry mate :) ), but here it is now for everyone to see. This set up included:…

  1. a glass candle holder / vase of sorts from the massive $2 shop up the road from my house.
  2. a liquid dropper (similar to eye dropper but holds more liquid)
  3. stacks of dvds to replace a tripod
  4. 3 colours of food dye, courtesy of my pantry
  5. a spare glass with water in it, to rinse out the dropper after each colour
  6. my trusty Canon 50D, standard 18 – 55 lens and macro filter
  7. my tv / monitor, with a blank microsoft word document open for a bright white background

The glass candle holder / vase was filled to about 5cm from the top with water. I then had the camera set to high speed continuous, and as I dropped the food dye in with one hand, I pressed the shutter

The Contraption.. the wonderful world of TTV

My Ansco Rediflex viewfinder arrived in the mail yesterday. Soon as I opened it, I started on my dark box contraption, to marry the viewfinder to my DSLR (thus cutting out the excess light between the two cameras and the final image.…

There’s many different designs I have seen and heard about for this contraption, but I simply used the box the camera arrived in. Measured and cut it to size, Joined with thick duct tape, reinforced on both inside and outside. I used my DSLR lens cap to size the hole at the top of the box (for dslr to sit in), and then measured the rectangle needed for the viewfinder lens to show through. I added a flap at the bottom that I would be able to open and close, to give a bit of extra support to the base of the contraption, and allow me to walk around with it.


Thanks to the following groups..

Domestic Art for featuring Calling

Circles Of Latitude for featuring King Leo

Dimensions for featuring Disconnection

The Scavenger Hunt for featuring Rush Hour

Christian Churches Statues & Crosses for featuring Salvation

The Beginners Corner for featuring Rainbow Drowning

Made By Nature for featuring Playtime

Images & Ideas and Earth Keepers for both featuring Lion’s Pride

Color & Light for featuring Phoenix

and finally, to Eueopean Everyday Life and Digital Photography for both featuring Under Tower

The features are very much appreciated! Thanks to all group moderators!!



Bulk Edit Disaster

I just used the bulk edit function to delete 5 pieces that i no longer wanted in my folio.…

I checked over which pieces were to be deleted 3 times, making sure the red highlight bar was only on the ones I wanted to get rid of.

When i checked my folio after this was completed, the 5 pieces i wanted to delete were gone, along with another 5 of my works, basically all my lion shots. I am in a complete state of shock that this has happened, and at a total loss to understand how.

My only explanation is that there is a bug in the bulk edit system that deletes more than you request. The pieces I lost were the first 5 in my folio.

Just wanted to let everyone know and be aware that this has happened to me, so it might happen to more people! Please be careful.

I’m in the process of uploading them ag

Exhibition Update..

It all happened last night, and was a great night! I had my family and friends around me, great amount of support, which really made my night. A highlight was getting to meet fellow bubbler Merrilyn Hunt, who really made my night even greater, by coming down!…

All in all 29 artists were exhibited, with 50 pieces in the whole display. The gallery was a great space for it, an old rustic building, revamped into a gallery like area, with an outdoor courtyard, complete with open fire, mini pond and open garage showing the workshop area.

I arrived about 6pm to a packed out gallery. It was awesome to see this many people in an exhibition for unknown artists. The organisers did a great job with live music, canapes, wine and drinks available through the whole night.

Such an incredible opportunity,

Big thanks to the following groups..

For featuring my work, it’s very much appreciated!…

Penguins Galore for featuring Playtime

4 Winners Only, for featuring Serenity and those who voted for it in the challenge!

Cityscapes & Sky Scapes for featuring Big Red Windmill

Historic Places for featuring Antithesis

The Grunge Art Gallery, Canon DSLR, Moody Dark & Evocative and The Male Photographer, for all featuring Disconnection

Iberia for featuring Dry Waves, and to those who voted for it in the challenge

Capital Cities Of The World, for featuring La Sagrada Familia, and to those who voted for it in the challenge

Which Way, for featuring Empty

and finally.. to Unique Buildings of The World, for featuring Basilica, and to everyone who voted for it in the challenge, making it the top entry!

Thank you very much to the moderat

New Group To Join..

Hello everyone,

Wanted to bring to your attention a new group that David Howarth has kindly asked me to co-host with him.

OUTSIDE THE BOX – An experimental place for those of the unhinged mind!

“Beauty is in the view finder of the beholder”

This group is a place for those shots that are hard to clarify. A place where if you dont want to say what it is,(or don’t know!!??) then just give it a name and stick it in!!
Abstract- The more obscure the better.
Macro- The more unobvious the better.
Portraits- The more unconventional the better.
I think you get my point. Lets try and put a bit of mystery into it!
Have fun, keep it clean(ish!) and thanks for dropping by!

So if you have anything that sounds like this, throw it our way, would love to see it!



My First Exhibition!

A few months ago I entered 5 of my pieces into the 09 Hope Art Exhibition. Until tonight, I had entirely forgotten about it.…

I received an email, to my absolute shock, informing me that 4 of the 5 pieces had been accepted!

I’m literally pumping with adrenaline at the moment, sleep is out of the question now LOL!

The exhibition is run by Imagine Arts, an organisation dedicated to the emerging local artists. My 4 pieces, along with others by 20 or so local artists, will be on display from:

17th October 2002 – 25th October 2009, at
Andrianakis Gallery
274 Fitzroy Street
Fitzroy, VIC

The 4 pieces that have been selected are:


Glasshouse City

Caramel Ocean

World Forgotten

If anyone’s in the Fitzroy area on the 17th Oct, feel free to swing on past for a gander at some of the local

Thanks to..

Colour & Light and Out Of The Blue for both featuring Rainbow Drowning!

Really nice thing to wake up to today, thanks very much


Huge thanks to..

Dimensions, Unique Buildings Of The World, The Grunge Art Gallery & Digital Photography for all featuring Basilica!

What a huge thrill to have this one featured, I almost didn’t put it up on redbubble!!

Thanks a lot guys


Huge thanks to...

Earth Keepers, Mood & Ambience and Get Art Promoted

For all featuring Etosha!

Amazing to wake up to a triple feature of the same piece! Really really happy this morning, thanks to all hosts!!


Big Thanks to CORE

For featuring Androgyny!!

Very personal piece for me and it’s a huge thrill to have it featured. I hope it’s message reaches many!




I would like to sincerely thank granolastew for purchasing a matt print of Wanderlust.

I really really appreciate the kindness of this bubbler.

My week has been well and truly made!



Thanking Iberia

For featuring Last Sunday, and to those who voted for it in the September Avatar Challenge, making it a top 10 entry!

Thanks so much


Thanks Canon DSLR

For featuring Carnivale

Such an honour to be featured in this group. I love the work in here and am really happy to receive the recognition!

Thanks a lot


Woo Home Page Feature!

I can’t believe it but Clandestine was featured on the home page!

Thank you to the bubbler who was so kind to do that!!

The appreciation stretches such a far way.



Third Sale!!

I would like to sincerely thank the mystery buyer who purchased a laminated print of Dry Waves.

My third sale all up, I am going to be happy dancing all the way to the end of the year!

Whoever you are, thank you very much!!



Welcome to Redbubble..

twoboos who is one of my mates, who moved to Ireland a little over 6 months ago.

She is a great photographer, please take a moment to have a look through her work, diversity and originality!!

I’d also like to thank her for purchasing a laminated print of Discotheque! So nice, really made my morning here :)

Welcome to the bubble mate :D

My First Sale!!!

No words for how thankful I am to AngieS for purchasing a greeting card of Central Reservation!

The amount of pure joy this has given me is unexplainable, to know that someone out there enjoys my art enough to own it, or give it to someone.

Thank you Angie, you have really given me more than I could ask!



Home Page Feature!!

Thanks so much to whoever it was that decided Search Party would be featured on the home page yesterday!!

Means a great deal to me to have that kind of support and encouragement from the site!

Thank you! Totally made my weekend here!


Featured on the HOME PAGE!!

This is my redbubble dream come true!

Thank you to whoever decided Discounted Memory was going on the home page, you have made my month!

I’m over the moon here, cannot describe how happy this has made me.

Thanks a million!


Thanking C.O.R.E

For featuring Absolving Retribution.

A piece with significant personal meaning, so this one means a lot to have featured!!

Thanks heaps


Thank You Gorgeous Germany!!!

For featuring The Shining Gate, and using it as the group avatar, and for the artist feature in the group!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted for it in the Avatar Challenge!

Absolutely thrilled, it’s made my day :)

Danke schoen!


20,000 views today!!

Got really excited when I woke up to find that I had reached a milestone that I set for myself. With the support I receive on here, I reached this goal a lot faster than I thought I ever would.

MASSIVE thanks to everyone for the continued support and encouragement. Redbubble is responsible for a huge amount of my inspiration and drive to keep creating!! I know I would never have grown this fast artistically without the feedback and support I have received.

It’s days like this that I stop and think.. I’m so happy I joined this site when I did :)

Thanks to 3 groups!

Thank you to Canon DSLR, Urban Art & Aqua Lime & Indigo for all featuring Glasshouse City!

What an awesome surprise to find this out today.

Thanks to all groups, you guys have made my day !!


Thanks Happy Haven!

For featuring Profile and Prince Azlan!!

Really honoured to have two of my works selected. Great way to finish off the weekend, thanks to the moderators!!



Thanks very much to CORE

For featuring Shadow Therapy.

As my first collaboration, with my best mate, this is a milestone for me! Very encouraging and humbling at the same time.

Thanks so much!


Thanks to Anticonsumerism

For featuring Safe From Harm.

It’s a personally significant photo for me, and it means a great deal to have it featured in such an appropriate group.

Thanks very much!


Thanking Dirty Pretty Things

Thanks to everyone who voted for Displaced Enchantment in the Group Avatar Challenge, making it the top entry.

Thrilled to have this piece representing the group!

Made my night



Big Thank You Photography 101

For featuring Vendetta as an honourable mention, in the Using Natural Lighting Challenge.

I’m absolutely stoked to have it featured among the top 10 entries in this group.

Thanks so much


Thanks very much Art Of Glass

For featuring Orb Majere!

This was the most tedious of photo shoots, so nice to be rewarded at the end of it!

Absolutely thrilled to have it among the great work in this group.

Thanks a heap!


Dean's photo on a website..

A different photo from the shoot we did has ended up being used on Dean submitted this shot for the profile and mix write up.

Dean’s Mix & Photo

Few other shots from the shoot, including the original, unedited version of Bad Transmission and Vinyl Content will appear on other sites in the near future.

Needless to say, I’m at my photographically happiest right now, after seeing this. I am definitely looking forward to taking more shots for him in the future, once these have done their time.

What an awesome experience for the two of us :)

Thanks Photography 101

For featuring Virus!

And to everyone who voted for it in the Breaking the Rules VII: Too Much Grain is Never Enough Challenge, making it a TOP 10 entrant.

Many Thanks



I never expected to come this far when I first joined this site. But the constant support and encouragement from so many people on here push and push for members to become better artists. That’s exactly what happened with me.

So i wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged and nurtured me through the first stages of my photographic life. In particular:

Maria Moro (partner in crime)
Shelly Heibert (another partner in crime)
Scott d’Almeida
Ann Palframan
Wayne Pearson
Colleen Milburn
Kim Calvert
Pamela B
Troy W. Smith

I wouldn’t have half the confidence I have now, without the great comments and push you guys all give me to keep creating!

Thank you all greatly!


Co-Hosts wanted for Metallic Junktion

Hi Everyone,

I was just made host of this group as the existing one has had to step down. Looking for a couple more people to lend a hand with hosting. Not a tough role, just basic monitoring of the group and coming up with the occassional challenge theme or new idea.

Any interest please let me know



History 101 turns 1000!

I just noticed that it has reached 1000 views!

Thanks to everyone who has made this my most viewed piece. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement I receive on here.



Thanks Arachnids..

For featuring Shadow Weaver in this incredible, yet creepy group :)

Very honoured to be featured among the great work in this group.

Many Thanks


New Group to join..

Hey everyone,

I have started up a new group for all art devoted to or recognised by Shapes & Patterns.

Please come by and have a look some time, feel free to join and add as many works as you have relevant to the subject.

Shapes & Patterns

Co-Hosting will be Maria Moro, another great redbubble contributor and very talented artist. We are both looking forward to creating a space on this site for work that has up til now not had a specific group.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

Look forward to seeing some of you in the group!

Thanks to Elegant Elephants

For featuring Happy Hour after it received a top 10 placing in the Elephants and Water Challenge.

I would also like to thank everyone who voted for this piece too.

Many many thanks!


Name Your Dream Assignment

Hey guys,

I received an email from a member of today regarding an incredible project she is undertaking. Through the art of photography, she is hoping to raise world awareness about the Displacement Camps in Africa

The project has been suggested to be started by Angie Rowe and needs votes to win. I have voted already, as Africa left a great impression on me after my recent visit. I would love to see awareness and hope raised for the continent on a whole.

So i thought i would link her page here so anyone on redbubble who felt the same way could vote for her as well. The link for Angie’s project is here:

Angie Rowe

Voting ends on 3rd April 2009. Hope some of you feel as passionately about this as i do.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Just Lines Double Feature..

Thank you very much for featuring both Caramel Ocean and Blue Federation!

Taking photos for this group brings me so much enjoyment, and I really enjoy being a part of it.

Thanks so much!


Thanks so much Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence!

For featuring Lion’s Pride in this extremely high quality group!

I cannot believe one of my photos have been featured in here. Just to have them accepted was thrill enough.

Cannot thank the moderators enough for this. It’s the kind of reassurance and confidence boost that an amateur photographer like myself needs to keep going!

Thanks a million, you guys made my day!


Glasshouse City Featured twice more!!

What a great start to the day!

Thanks to Images and Ideas and

Reflections in Building Windows

for featuring Glasshouse City in their groups. I am absolutely thrilled that this photo is being liked by groups of Redbubble.

Thank you to both groups very much!!

Double feature in Outsiders!

Thanks so much to the moderators who selected Virus and Brother’s Adventure to be featured in this group.

I feel so welcomed and honoured to have my first 2 submissions selected as features.

Made my weekend!



Artist feature in Outsiders

Thank you so much, I only just joined this group today and I have been lucky enough to be selected to be a featured artist!

Obviously very happy I joined now! LOL!!

Look forward to seeing some of the awesome work in here and adding some of my own over time.

Thanks once again for this unexpected and very humbling honour!


Huge thanks to Penguins Galore

For featuring Playtime, and the artist feature on myself!

Also like to thank the voters in this challenge for selecting Playtime as their number 1 photo. Means a great deal to me to receive this :)

Thanks once again,


Many Thanks..

To Going Coastal for featuring A Tale Of Two Oceans!

Very privileged to be among the other great work in this group.

Thanks! Means a great deal to me


Thank you

To African Art and Writing for featuring Back To Front in their group.

Very honoured and appreciate it greatly!


Thank you 1:1 Macro Photography

For featuring Calling in your awesome group!

I’m very new to macro photography and I have been experimenting a fair bit with it. It’s a massive confidence boost to receive a feature so prematurely.

Thanks very much!

Skorponok featured..

In Arachnids.

Must be my lucky week! Thank you so much, means a lot to me to have this kind of recognition among the other incredible work in this group.


Another feature!

Can’t believe the week im having.. thanking the Extreme Close-Up group for featuring The Beast in their current collection.

Words cant describe how happy i am!

Thanks so much!!

For featuring my work Hide & Seek, in Giraffes the long and short of it.

And for everyone who voted for it in the challenge. I feel very lucky to have this level of support as an amateur photographer on this site.

Thanks to all :)

Thank you

For featuring How The Other Side Live in Anticonsumerism group.

Very honoured to be amongst the amazing artists in this group!

Thanks a lot..

For featuring Etosha In The Sun in the Accentuate The Eyes group. I am once again very touched, humbled and inspired by this incredible site.

Thanks once again..

Hot Winter and Forsaken are both being featured in As Is!

Cannot possibly believe that i have 2 works being featured at once.

I am very grateful and humbled for this.

Thank you!

For featuring King Leo. It is such a massive boost for an aspiring photographer like myself. I really appreciate it.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait