The last few months in a wrap up..

Hey everyone,

I’ve been relatively quiet on here for the last few months. Real life really took me away from my folio time and kept me very busy! I’m slowly shifting the focus back to on here and my other folios now, just in time for Christmas to take over and pull me away again. Tides of life :)

I’ll be back with more time this month and with a lot more time (I hope) next year, but here is what’s been happening in my life…

The Wedding

My sister asked me if I’d be interested in shooting her friend’s wedding. My initial reaction was to recoil in horror and say a definite no. She proceeded to tell me it would be a very relaxed and unplanned kind of shoot. I apprehensively said yes, thinking it would turn into my biggest nightmare.

As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad at all. Very chaotic, disorganised and unplanned, but that went in my favour as I kept snapping away through the day. I think I managed to get a few decent shots in there, including the bride and groom on swings in the playground, with the bridal party pushing them. Unique and fun, are two words to describe the shoot!

My conclusion: I would shoot weddings on occasion only. It’s worlds apart from my style of creating and shooting. Most of you would know how I feel about shooting humans in general. :)

The Commercial Shoot

A friend said to me she needed a photographer for a car dealerships new website in Melbourne. I agreed to help out and landed myself my first commercial shoot.

We took some shots in the dealership and throughout the service centre. The two shots that ended up being used are shown below. Coffee and car, and the dealership logo.

The Exhibition

At the end of November, I applied for the Kingston City Council’s Gifted Exhibition and was accepted. I submitted 5 pieces from my Lensbaby Dreamscapes series.

Opening night went very well, with a massive turn out, great vibe, and two sales for me on the night! The one and only photo, taken by my mate is below, with the remaining three pieces on the wall.

I did find it a bit strange that pieces were taken off the wall and given to the buyer as soon as they sold!

These are the two that were snapped up on the night:

The exhibition is currently running up until 15th December.

I got back to RedBubble just in time to see two pieces from my Avalon Incident series featured on the home page! Absolutely rapt with having both of them up there!

I owe two people a huge thank you for selecting these pieces for home page layouts!!

And that, has been the life of parmi for the last 2 or so months.

Thanks for the continued support on my work, even with my general absence from the site, for that I am eternally grateful to you all!! I’m looking forward to spending more time on here again and catching up with everyone.


Andrew / Parmi :)

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