Oh MY! It is freeeezing here right now – we have had snow over the last 2 days and it has settled!! Been out to get some photos some of which are ok and some not so! Funny thing to photograph is snow!? We are looking forward to more over the weekend, and hopefully it won’t stop us getting to the Old People’s Home to sing carols for the staff and their children! We can walk I spose but tis an Ice Rink our road!

Well anyway enough of that – I have hosts to thank for the features below for this week :) As always I am thrilled to bits – so THANK YOU!!

Is featured in A Place to Call Home 18.12.09

: is featured in Oh So Emotional Determination 16.12.09

was featured in The Weekend Photographer 14/12/09

Home Page Feature 11/12/09 and Weeks Features 12/11/09

OH my Goodness – I am shocked and thrilled this morning – have just spent the morning singing my socks off (carols at the local Christmas Market) I just thought I would quickly log on and check the groups – only to find some absolutely fabulous news – exactly a month to the day I have my 2nd HomePage Feature…………stunned I am….…

what an absolute thrill – but sadly I missed it :( so thank you to BcasTal for so kindly taking the Screen Shot of it and letting me know and thank for the lovely comments that have been made – it was my first ever proper SC attempt so to have it representing RED SC you can imagine how I feel!

What I would like to know however – is this taken from a group that have the images in? I am really not sure how they do the Homepage so if anyone can enlighten me?

Further Fe

First Challenge Placement for Naomi

As many of you may know Myself and Karen host a group for Young Snappers – we recently held our first challenge and whaddya know Naomi has had her first ever top ten placement! She came a very exciting 2nd and is absolutely thrilled to bits – so thank you from her to those that voted :)) She is bored and fed up now this is her 3rd week off school and I am trying to encourage her to look through her lovely images and get them on here – although it is a hassle in a way having to share with her Mum!!

So this journal is on behalf of Naomi to record her achievements :)

The above image is also featured along with the other amazing Young Snappers


Catching Up Here!!

wow where has the time gone – well apart from the obvious of working, last week I kept thinking I must add the features to my journal but that time didn’t come – this weekend we have been Carolling (some in French but mostly in English) in aid of this years Telethon and Sunday myself and Naomi were quite poorly so she couldn’t go and dance with the Chaboussants – she is now in her 3rd week of school but it’s not Flu thank the lord this week it’s Laryingitis! So now here is my features starting with the most recent first :)…

is featured in The Thing 8/12/09

is featured in Elegant Rose Cards 8/12/09

is featured in Photographic France 7/12/09

is featured in The Scavenger Hunt and Placed 10th in the Groups Let’s find some Eyes Challenge

is featured in Flowers in Macro

Was featured in Sc

A Sale!!

I am reeling in shock! I opened my emails this morning to find a message from Mr Baxter to say that as I know I have recently made a sale and the shipment is being despatched, that’s funny I thought the calender went ages ago! BUT No I have sold a Framed Print (and no I didn’t get the email to tell me I had made a sale!) – I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the buyer – I don’t know who it is but I am delighted and reeling with shock and no-one to shout out to – the house is empty! I am so happy :))

this brings a lot of happiness to an otherwise sad day – so thank you once again!


Features and Top Ten Placements

Well I have just about recovered from the surprise and genuine thrill of featuring on last weeks Home Page! And have had a really quite musical time with challenges and have features that have thrilled me to bits :))

Featured Work

Featured in Color Me a Rainbow White Challlenge 19/11/09

featured in Shopfronts 17/11/09

Featured in Puppies Only 17/11/09

Featured in Berries,Fruits and Seeds 14/11/09

Featured in the Nutts about Mutts Group 15th November ’09

Challenge Top Ten
1st Place in Bells of Brass in the Brass Instruments Group 12/11/09

Placed 3rd in the Music of the Spirit Challenge Notes, and Clefs, and Rests, Oh MY 15th November ’09

Placed 4th in the POOCHES at Play with PROPS 15th November ’09

! Placed 3rd in the Art by Bubble Hosts Group Challenge" October ’09

Home Page Feature 11/11/09

Oh my! I was/am stunned to find Lest we Never Forget has been featured today on the homepage!! I am thrilled, doubly so as it is a day of Rememberance and spending the morning in town at the Rememberance Parade and feeling proud that both girls have had their part to play along side our French neighbours and friends – Chloe as always playing the Band and Naomi reading from a French Solidiers Journal in front of everyone…it is hard not to feel many emotions watching the older generations around us. Knowing like many towns in France under seige by the SS, refugees are said to be buried in my parents field, the French Resistance holing up in our friends Grange, and of course the atrocisties of Oradour-sur-Glane A town near Limoges that was burned to the ground by the SS who were wanting to …

Features and Top Ten Placements

Finally sometime to look through features and challenges over the last week or so! It has been quite busy here what with half term and visits to and from family. We managed one day out to Angouleme a city steeped in history and not good for the photogpraher where to point next! So now the weather has turned and we have wind and rain – yes rain!! We took a trip to the coast yesterday and nearly got blown off Le Boute de Monde!…

As always a huge thank you to the hosts of the groups that feature my images – it’s always and never stops being a wonderful feeling :)

featured in Backyard Macro and Closeups 1st November ’09

featured in Street & Shelter Cats 31st October ’09

featured in Cityscapes and City Skylines 31st October ’09

featured in COUNTRY GARDENS 26th October ’09

featured in Pets

Featured works in The Young Snappers Group!

This week Karen and I decided that we would like to start the ball rolling by featuring 6 of the lovely images that we have had submitted to the group! So if you have five please just pop along and see what these fine Photographers have captured!

If you know anyone who is a Young and enthusiastic photographer please be sure so send them our way! The group is still very young and we would love to start challenges etc….

Have a great weekend

Features and Top Ten Placements

Phew what a week we have had – we had an incredibly busy weekend last week, and followed up by lots of things to do and to start for the rest of the week…but now it Les Vacances – yay! Lay ins whoop whoop! Brother and Sister-in-law are visiting France this next week and spending the day with us on Sunday to see Les Chaboussants Dance/play for the first time (not on video!) and a tour round the Foire aux Vins :) nice!!…

It was lovely to log on on Monday and see some features – totally thrilled and delighted! Thank you hosts :))

is featured in Alphabet Soup

is Featured in the Compact Group

is Featured in Stop and Smell the Roses

is Featured in You Big SOFTY 22nd October ’09

is Featured in Windows and Doors 19th October ’09

is Featured in A Garden somewhere 17th October ’09

was Featur

Features and Top Ten Placements and a WIN :)))

brrrr…it’s turned very very chilly here – the onset of Autumn is now underway I feel – still no rain though! I have had a great week this week and so many wonderful surprise features and even some top ten placements and a WIN!! wow :))…

Features w/c 12th October
is Featured in Shopfronts

is featured in Unique Buildings of the World

is featured in Your Magic Place

Challenge Top Ten Placements October ’09

Placed 5th in the Wine & Dine – City Eateries

Challenge Winner The Photographer in Art by Bubble Hosts Group 16th October ’09

Placed 10th in the Unique Buildings of the World Challenge October ’09 and refeatured 15th Ocotber ’09

Placed 7th in the LOVELY FESTIVE TABLE CENTER PIECES in the Peace,Love and Tranquility group challenge

*Placed 5th in the Freedom to Shine Group Challenge Ga

Featured in Groups

Wow what a week last week and the weekend has gone so fast – I can barely keep up at the moment! I would like the time to slow down a little however so I can enjoy the sunny days we are still getting – apparently the Heatwave has beaten records! So think the Indian Summer is definitely continuing (fingers crossed!)…

Anyway to my thank yous of the wonderful hosts of the groups that have chosen to feature my images last week and today – I am thrilled to bits and each one has brought a huge smile :)) SO thank you!

most recent first
is featured in Communities 12th October ’09

is featured in Cityscapes and City Skylines 11th October ’09

is featured in Rural Around the Globe 10th October ’09

is Featured in Human. Animal. Nature./Człowiek. Zwierzę. Natura 9th October ’09

is Featured in Mood

Weekend Wooohooos!!

What a great end to the week and a fab weekend – with some lovely features in more great groups :) My cup over runneth at the moment :) A great finish to September and a Fab start to October!…

Most recent first

Play for Me – Streets of London is Featured in Still Life Fine Art and Food Photography 4th October ’09

Old Fishermans Cottage is Featured in French Architecture 4th October ’09

Mill on the Vonne is featured in BARNS & Old Grist Mills and Covered Bridges from around the World

Daffodils all in a Row is featured in Photography 101 1st October ’09

Poiters Cathedral by Night is Featured in Unique Buildings of the World 30th September ’09

Also this month sees my first year here on the Bubble and what a year it has been! I can’t believe how quickly time flies and how much I have lear


Yes! today Karen Betts and I are the proud hosts of a brand new group called Young Snappers for our youngsters aged 10-17 please, please encourage the next generation and introduce them to our group.…

*Please follow the rules however – Image must be taken by the young Photographer, please add your age and how long you have been taking photos and what camera you use. Add your best images, the ones you are most proud of.

Images taken by Children under 16 must be uploaded by the family member into their own portfolio first and then added to the group and 16+ can upload from their own accounts


and life will be sweeet :))

We look forward to seeing some Young

Featured in Groups

I am thrilled and honoured to be featured in the groups below, a couple I have never been featured in before as I have just not had the right shot – but thanks to my Swallowtail Catapillar I have a couple of firsts in new groups and I am now a featured member in a group – what a thrill that is :))…

From the 24th September – 27th September – most recent first :))

is also featured in Backyard Macro and Closeups

is Featured in Stream Crossings and I also have the honour of being a Featured Member how fab!!

is Featured in Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

is Featured in Lifeline

is featured in History

is featured in Tables and Chairs

what a shame it’s the end of the weekend :( still the sun is hot and we have another week of sun and unfortunately the hose ban continues! BUT life is good!

woohooo feature and sales!!

wow I am truly thrilled this morning – not only to find that I have another feature which makes six in the last four days but also two card sales!! I don’t know who has purchased them but if you read this – thank you sooo much :))

is featured in Natures Reclamation



I am so happy and thrilled – I just don’t know what to say :)) Thank you is always good!!



In between internet connection and no internet connection again! Has been a difficult few days – trying to moderate, contact my co-hosts etc… not fun at all!! Awaiting a call from France Telecom who have now been sending out Engineers..hmmm……

well had a great start to the weekend with these features :)) most recent first

is Featured in Playful Photogenic Pets

is featured in Rural Around The Globe

and again
in Lifeline

Featured also in Lifeline

is currently featured in Color Me a Rainbow colour Brown challenge :))

Wow what a great weekend :)) Thank you as always to the hosts of the above and all groups, and of course to all for the continued support – daily I am always thrilled and surprised by the wonderful comments :) I just wish that the internet gave me the chance to spend a little

Features and Top Ten Placements

Gosh what a week – I am thrilled to have a few features over the last few days :) and a top ten placement – yay :))

Thank you to the lovely hosts of the groups that have featured the images and to those that take time to vote :)

is featured in You Big SOFTY

is featured in The Compact Group

is featured in Tuesday Afternoons

is Featured in the Canon Dslr Group

is featured in Happy Haven Photography

is Featured in Cottage Style

is Featured in Statues and Such

Top Ten Placement
placed 9th in the Odd one Out fruit or vegetable Challenge in the Odd one Out Group

I have also had the delight of having images used as Challenge Avatars – I am thrilled and would like to thank Sandra Ros :))

Features and Top Ten Placements

wow, we are in September, I can hardly believe it – Summer seems to be slowly ebbing away now – sadly! We had a monsoon here on Thursday and the garden and flowers picked up no end! We had our annual trip out this year to the next “Town” along where the Band play for a traditional wedding, Chloe was playing in the band and we go along to see what the bride is wearing and of course get some photos :)…

Anyway had me some lovely surprises today when I logged on :)

is Featured in DSLR Users Only 5th September

is featured in That One Great Shot Group 5th September

is featured in Made by Nature 3rd September

Top Ten Challenges

placed 2nd in the Reflections in the Artistic Libations Group

Placed 4th in the Delicate Ice Crystals challenge in Made by Nature

A big thank you to the hosts of the

Features and Top Ten Placements

wow what a month – we have so many beautiful days, very hot and not a lot of rain – our garden is brown as opposed to the green of last year! We had no internet/phone last week – yet again so we decided a fter a family “do” to spend a couple of days away from home and the stress of not having internet (very hard when Hubby is “trying” to make a living using internet – how many web designers don’t have access eh!) so a couple of days out was pretty much needed!! We now have internet and that has enabled me to catch up on my hosting duties – I apologise to the groups that I host for not being able to display the new images of the week last week…also a big thank you to my co-hosts for their support :))…

So it was with great pleasure I found that I had some features and a couple of top tens


woohooo another 2 features to shout out loud about!! I think these bring me just around the 200+ mark – I am so thrilled about this! Anway after a hectic weekend finding these features was great :))

Featured in #1 Artists of Redbubble

French Wheels was featured in Cottage Style

Thank you to the hosts of the groups for noticing these images, you made my day :))

17th August 09

A Sale!!!!!!!!!!

Woohooo – thank you to the lovely person that has bought French Wheels and Onions as a Matted Print – I am thrilled and delighted this morning :))

I don’t know who has bought it, but I really hope that you love it when you receive it!

What a lovely start to the week indeed :)) big smiles all round!

August 10th ’09

Features and Top Ten Placements

Behind again…..I never seem to have time to get to my own RB these days – it’s a case of load an image and a week later reply!! I apologise for not replying to the lovely comments made on my images in the last week but what with internet problems – yes still, school holidays, and that boring word work – time is my enemy!! So this morning it is peaceful, Rob is working the girls are sleeping (well one!) Chloe and I have already taken a poorly Scooby to the vets who is baffled by the amount of pain he is in and I am now dog sitting and checking to make sure his breathing is returning to normal although I need to sell something now as just cost 84 euro – gulp!! 2 injections, and a weeks worth of antibiotics – still it’s our scoob and as long as he is ok that is the important thing!! We spen…

Friday Features

I am actually on top of things this week and dare I say the internet has been ok for the last 2 days! Probably shouldn’t have said that tempting fate and all that!…

Well I am delighted to have 3 features over the last couple of days…..

has featured twice today in All the Colors of the Rainbow and Canon DSLR what a thrill to see an older image coming back and getting 2 features in one day :))

is featured in Happy Haven Photography

Thank you to the lovely hosts of these groups I am as always thrilled and delighted that my images have the honour of being Featured :))

Also I have had a couple of Top Ten placements this week
placed 6th in the Compact Group

placed 9th in the Shapes and Patterns group

Thank for the votes I am really thrilled to have placed at all :))

Have a fab weekend ev


Well here we are in July and so far so good! Rob and I celebrated (very quietly with a good old homecooked meal) our 18th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! The girls are in Spain with their Grandparents Smith having a holiday with Uncle and Fay, they are of course have a lovely time! And shows the age of technology – as fast as they are taking photos they are uploading them to Facebook – we get to see them instantly now :))…

So I have had a few features over the last couple of weeks – a couple are probably not even featured anymore but we have had so many problems with internet (even as I type this we keep losing connection, very frustrating!) then we had our best friends visit and of course everyday life!

So I thank the following groups for these features :)

was featured in Flowers in Mac

Features been and gone!!

I am so behind lately – we have been having more problems with our internet and it affects everything as have to catch up after! As I tend to do our groups before doing anything of mine! ;)

Still in the Bubble World things have been all very nice and had me some features which do go back to last week now!

is featured in Recipes this is a great little group and we could really do with more of your fabulous photos with a recipe – even if you have the bare ingredients and your fave recipe to go with it – think about adding it

is featured in Technical Photography

is featured in Alphabet Soup

Once again a big Thank you goes out to the hosts of the groups and of course for all the lovely and supportive comments :)

11 June ’09

Features that make me go wooooo!!

Woah that has to be the fastest May ever!!!! I am now officially in my 40’s – not so bad so far but only had a week to practice :) and after receiving a huge amount of supports, tenna lady, a potty and wool, minus the needles (as they couldn’t be brought on the plane!) most of my friends have taken the mickey – which is great as one day I will be doing the same or have already done so! I had a surprise visit from my cousin last weekend who flew over especially to be with me ;) very happy indeed!! AND the other best bit Rob bless him and love him forever has been saving extremely hard (and really it must have been hard as we are not high earners to say the least) to buy me a Canon G9 but no, that model has been superceded – so guess what I got for my birthday the Canon G10 omg how happy …

Wins are like Buses!!

Wow I am in shock – I received a bmail this morning to say that Relective Love has been featured – cue smile :) in Stop and Smell the Roses it not only been Featured it WON the Challenge – OH MY :)))) I am so thrilled :)

19th May ’09

has also been featured in Extreme Close-ups this week :)

And today I realised – just one more week of being in my 30’s so what a nice way to finish off this last decade – but achieving a win or 2 :)) Thank you to those that voted it is very much appreciated indeed :))

Challenge Win and Features

I have been a bit behind recently what with one daughter (Chloé) turning 17, the trial and tribulations of Internet Connection (or lack of) shopping for Naomi’s birthday (tomorrow) and life – I have yet to record my latest features….…

But I start with my 2nd ever win here on the Bubble and I am thrilled – it is a relatively new group à EUROPA! with lots of lovely images from around Europe….I found out today that the La France Challege ended and I had a winner – yay! Have you guessed what it is yet? Well it is to do with France, onions and flowers and of course wheels ;)

I also had a few features over the last couple weeks:

was Featured in Canon dslr

is featured in Pets are Us

is featured in Public Art

Lots of woops and woos and totally chuffed with the win – thanks to those that voted

Features and Top Ten Placements

Yay had me some lovely surprises this week here on the Bubble :)

Starting from the most recent first :

is featured in Natures Reclamation

is featured in Out of the Past

is featured in PostCard Style

is featured in Flotsam and Jetsam and placed 9th in the May Avatar Challenge

is featured in Natural Colour and Light

is featured in Live,Love,Dream

is featured in Natural Colour and Light!

I am thrilled to bits as always and had some lovely surprise features (I am sure you know what I mean by this!)

So now here we are in May and in our house the month of Birthdays – 3 May babies all 10 days apart :) it’s a good and happy month!

Chinese Lantern Seed Featured

Wow I am thrilled to have had Chinese Lantern Seed featured twice!!

A huge thank you to the hosts of Abstract Realism and the Feature Fraternity what a lovely start to the week :)

25th and 27th April

Having suffered extreme heat of 27 degrees 3 days in a row last week we are now adjusting to the cooler temps of 17 and rain :( Still the sun was out when it counted and we went to some wonderful places and saw some wonderful things! Plus we got to share our friends 40th Birthday on the Dune de Pyla and managed so far to have achieved 15 firsts (things that present themselves rather than first places!!) before my 40th arrives so am getting there slowly!

Featured in Groups

Before I go out for the rest of the day for double Appero’s and then a visit to the local Bee farm (the honey is delish!) and then next week if the weather is kind to us a few days exploring France as the holidays have arrived – finally!…

Featured in the Compact Group

is Featured in Out of the Past

is featured in Moods and Ambience (I was seriously considering taking this one off RB the other day! – something made me keep it though!)

is Featured in Natural Light and Colour

I also found out that I have made a couple of Top Tens – I never think to look after voting is over and unless there is a comment made I forget!! So it was with delight I discovered that

Placed 4th in the Trees with character challenge in Shameless self promotion group 17 April ‘09

French Wheels and Onions 4th in

Features been and gone!!

I lost a week somewhere :( anyone know where it’s gone please??

Still I had some features last week not sure if they are still showing or not but hey I was thrilled as ever!

is Featured in Country Bumkin

was featured in Happy Haven

featured in Street Photography and photojournalism

featured in Metallic Junktion

featured in All Water in Motion

is Featured in Food for Thought

is featured in All things that are Black

placed in the Top Ten in the Heart Challenge in Shameless Self Promotion

Placed 3rd in the Compact Group Easter Challenge

Thank you to all the hosts for featuring my images and the lovely people that voted on my challenge entries :)) It is such a lovely feeling and shock to be featured and to place in the Challenges!!

April 6-11th

Features and Top Ten Placements

WOW where has this week gone?? The weather has gone with March, Rob is starting up his business now – and already has his first Client :) And the biggest bug bear today – trying to lose dust marks on the camera! We decided to buy a cleaning kit as the last clean I did on the 350d was nearly 40euros not including gas to get there and losing the camera for a week – now Rob is doing the do and it is taking a while!…

Still happy days got some features and a top ten this week:)

Is Featured in All About Boating Placed 6th in the Monthly Avatar Challenge!!

is Featured in Color Me a Rainbow

is Featured in Spring Blooms – 2 per day and Placed 5th in the Spring Flowers in Bud Challenge!!

Thank you to the lovely hosts of these groups I am as always thrilled to bits to be featured amongst so many w

Featured in Groups

Well just trying to get my head (like everyone else I expect) around the new RB way! It’s hopefuly going to get easier to navigate and find comments that all you lovely people make if I miss any I do apologise but I can’t find a way of seeing comments on my work to comments that I have made or had replies to!! It will take a while I expect!

Still managed to find the features :)) 3 lovely surprises since last night! 25th March – 26th March!

is featured in Amatuer Art Photography

is featured along with other Ginger Kitties in Domestic and Pedigree Cats

and just 2 hours after submitting Almond Blossom has been featured ! # 1 ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE !

Thank you so much to the hosts of these lovely groups I am thrilled to bits!!

Featured in Groups

Well the weather is changing again – we have sun but ooooh a cold wind :( Still the Tulips and the blossoms are all coming out but hopefully won’t get bashed and frozen!…

Anyway had some lovely surprises this weekend with features and a top ten :)

Sand is not Good Food is featured in Mans Best Friends

The beginnings of a dream placed 3rd and is featured in the Older Kids

Piccolo Flute is featured in Contrasting Perceptions

Golden Glow of the Sun is featured in Your Magic Place

Mirabell Blossoms is featured in Lost in Space

is featured in Weekly Theme Challenges (wings theme)

As always I am surprised and thrilled to have these features and a big Thank you goes to the hosts of these groups for thinking them worthy :)) Chuffed to bits :)) Pam

I have been doing an experiment in the group

Features and Top Ten Placements

Well here we are in March, blue skies, blossoms and warmness :) What more can a girl want – well apart from world peace, a few thou in the bank, health and happiness? Hummmm yay features :)))…

With our terrible internet connection over the last couple of weeks I can only apologise for not replying to everyone last entry! I have also gained some work (at last) looking after a 4 year old every day after school and wednesdays – it’s been a good start to the week!!

So here we go………..

La Meteorite placed in the SC challenge in the Compact Group and was also featured

Chinese Lantern was featured in Macros Untouched

La Meteorite featured again in Nostalgic Art and Photography

Portrait #3 of the Girls Featured in Older Kids group due to a top ten placement

Mirabelle Blossom Featured in Tech

On Youth New Group

On Youth is a new group just started it is not about photography this time however but about writing, poems etc… written by our younger members here on RB – I know what bad press youngsters do tend to get these days – but also for every one “loose Canon” there are about 3 or 4 teens that have their heads screwed on!…

My eldest Chloe will soon be 17 and I feel she is quite innocent, and has harmless fun with her friends here in France – a different culture completely (at the moment) she loves to write poems, stories, journals and lately music – it is something that we have always encouraged her to do – it can help release many feelings or just sometimes getting the pen out can release a gift that we may never knew existed before…

SO if you think that you know someone – maybe your own teenag

Latest Feature making a nice even number!! :))

Woohooo within not many hours of putting one of my new images onto the bubble I have been featured in Moods and Ambience strictly photos they have featured
I am thrilled to bits as this has fast become a favourite in this household!! I think it’s because of the couple of hours Rob and I spent exploring this part of Poitiers also that makes it a nice memory photo :))

ahh yes and the even number – well I felt quite proud when I realised that errmm this is my 150th feature :0 ever stunned but totally thrilled!!

Featured in Groups

I can’t believe we are already in March!! Where has the time gone?? Well for us here it is the last day of half term so this afternoon the girls want to go shopping in Niort our nearest big town well apart from Poitiers but that is in the other direction! We had beautiful weather last week so made the most of getting out a little bit (as you have seen from my latest photos! Then this week we have been quite busy and RLD group has been taking up quite a lot of my time also. As you may know I am now hosting with Ralph Olsson we have gone from 4 to 2 so is still quite time consuming!…

I had some features last week which were not missed by me but just not having the time to note them! This week we have terrible internet connection so is all hit and miss! Not good when you are trying to make a


I have been terribly lax – I meant to add this yesterday but spent quite a bit of time housekeeping in Rivers,Lakes and Dams!

ANYHOOO I am co-hosing another group – yep in for a penny in for a pound! This new group is quite tasty and already there are some fabulous yummy images – please come along and have a look it is a mouthwatering Group hosted by Shelia Pasket, Squealia and yours truly!!


We look forward to seeing you and maybe even you might fancy trying out the recipes!

Pam x

What a LOVELY surprise

I logged on this morning after battling for a shower, the bedroom battle and the general “can we try and keep the house tidy” YES it’s half term but they are lovely girls and are out making videos right now so how can I really complain!!…

Anyway have an announcement that I wished to make only to find an email from Peter host of French Architecture to say that I had been featured in the group woohooo – always surprised and thrilled on going along to see who my neighbours were I also found out that my image is the Group Icon – Peter neglected to tell me that, I am thrilled to bits and had a huge surge of something quite like pride – I am honoured indeed :))

So thank you Peter for featuring Café Arsénal

There is so many wonderful images in French Architecture and I am certainly finding out m

Weekend Wooohooos!! 2

Well the weekend has flown by and I have to say it’s one of the best we have had for a long time – I have spent the weekend welling up with pride and joy at our 2 beautiful and talented girls – but that is another story which I hope to share shortly :)) still working on some final bits and pieces!…

But I had some lovely surprises and again ,I am honoured to be featured in groups!

I had a lovely shock to find I had placed 2nd in Sports of all our Gym with Dancing Ladies in the Happy Feet Challenge

Feed Minnie featured in Funny Kritters – thank you so much for all the lovely comments we are really overwhelmed by the compliments – she is of course the best and cutest but we have to keep her grounded at the moment!! Can I also add that this shot has in just 3 days received 60 comments, 13 fav

Friday Features

Woohooo today has been on of surprises, lovely bmails and an hour or so trying to tidy up the overview page – I think I am addicted to my buttons :))…

So this is todays features

Humming around the Lavender featured in The Woman Photographer – me first ever with this astounding group – I am hugely honoured :))

Le Chaboussant featured in European Everyday Lives :))

Coming in to Land featured in We are Passionate about Birds of Prey another group that I have just submitted to :))
and they also featured
Flying Above Me!

And last but not least that lovely group Flotsam and Jetsam today featured
Hippo and Crocodile Rocks :))

I am so thrilled as always and makes a lovely start to the weekend :)

I wish you all a very happy and romantic weekend – I have warned MR S not to be doing cards n stuff

Featured in Groups

Yay great start to the week (after gales blowing yet more trees down in our garden, branches everywhere and every flower pot, bucket and plastic greenhouse blown from one side of the garden to the other we didn’t get an awful lot of sleep on Monday, followed by a 16 hour power cut yesterday didn’t get much time to get on to RB except to moderate the groups and features for Rivers, Lakes and Dam Groups! Been off teaching my lovely little French students english this morning, dinner then housework – phew – time to have a look through my groups, and have a little looky at all the lovely comments made and found some features – woohooo :))…

December Sunset at La Rochelle was featured in Going Coastal yesterday :) having only just joined the group you can imagine my surprise :))

Vins et Spirit

Features and Top Ten Placements

Another weeked has just skipped by without a by your leave! We had more trees down in the garden so Rob started a bonfire on Saturday in snowy conditions – bizarre one side of the garden black the other side blue skies and the moon out and snow in the middle!!…

Had me some Challenge wins over the weekend which I was quite happy about :))

Stop at the Auberge Placed in Top Ten Neighborhood Tourist Traps Challenge in the My Neighbourhood Group

Don’t Mind Me placed in the Top Ten in The Pet Hates Challenge in the Compact Group

And of course with Play for me hitting a First for me in the Nostalgic Group I was quite happily smiling away this weekend…. :)) Thank you for votes they are very much appreciated!

I also have some features again I am thrilled to bits :))

Pink Orchid had been featured


Well Squealia and I have been having soo much fun with the Compact Group we thought in for a penny in for a pound so we are proud to announce the start of our new group

OLDER KIDS AGED 8-16 should any of you wish to join and add images!

Hope to see some of your work in this group – it is quite exciting and makes a change for our older children to have a chance to shine :))

Pam x

Lots of Whooping going on in the house!

I have had my first EVER challenge WIN today I am thrilled to bits and can’t believe it actually!

Play for Me has won in the Nostalgic Music Challenge in the Nostalgic Art and Photography group – I would like to say a huge thank you for voting this means a lot to me :))

Wooohooooo what a lovely surprise

I had today on receiving a bmail from lovely Sally Omar of PEACE,LOVE & TRANQUILITY group saying that the Black and White Portrait of Chloe and Naomi was chosen as one of the images for Face of the Future featured on the overview page – OH MY – what an honour!! I am thrilled to bits that this one was chosen – I hope that my two really prove now that they are indeed the future! They have worked and do work incredibly hard here in France – uprooting them from the UK is no mean feat and carving out a career for themselves is going to be incredibly hard but so far they both have their hearts set on Teachers, Naomi wants to be a Maitresse in the Maternelle (if Sarkosy doesn’t close them down!) and Chloe would love to be a Prof de Musique (again if Sarkosy doesn’t put a stop to music as well!)…

Thanks to Squealia

and her journal entry this morning I discovered a group for our children to show their work My Child’s Art I was so pleased to discover this group as this means that I can now encourage Naomi to show some of her images as well :)…

SO with a lot of persuasion she finally consented to a trial of 2 to see what happened and what the comments would be (I have found someone worse than me!) we have taken a few of our faves from a walk we did back in January where she borrowed my canon with the 50mm lens – bearing in mind I was experimenting with it she showed a lot of interest so I handed it to her and said try it and see….she preferred using the manual setting and I kept the P programme on. I think she mastered the lens quite quickly and understood DOF and the F stop stuff as well :0…….so Than

Castle in Cognac

I have just found out that Castle in Cognac has been featured in Alpahbet Soup yippeee yoo!! Mind you there are lots of very cool ideas for C so we will see!!

I have been trying not to do a daily journal but Alphabet Soup is great as the first part of the challenge to be featured so to have the hosts choose is soooo cool! so I am soooo oh so happy :))

Fab Start to the Week!

Crikey blimey tis Monday again – where is the time going – well the other time I am not on the Bubble that is!!!!…

Had me some features and sooo pleased as 2 have been in my folio for a while but not in any groups so rather than delete or hide them I thought I should get them in some groups – and guess what – featured! :) shocked, stunned and silly smiling all in one go ;))

Globes, Spheres and Curves Featured “Autumn Wish”

Bits and Pieces and As Is Featured “Move Over” which has been here for a while now so totally thrilled to bits :)) from nothing to 2 groups on the same day :)) wow

Technical Photography and Nostalgic Art and Photography featured Vins et Spiriteux

All Water in Motion featured Polar Bear – another long standing groupless image :))

A huge thank you to the hosts and

Features this Week and other Stuff!

Gosh I am so pleased this week as much of the new work I have added has made it to features :)) I am really loving the SC now and am finding it hard NOT to do everything that I see but the ones that have been done have obviously caught some attention I can’t beleeeeve it!…

For instance French Wheels and Onions 1 sale, 76 comments, 17 seventeen favouritings and 222 views OMG that is amazing (for me) I cannot believe that it is so well commented on I am staggered!

Pink Orchid has had 89 views in just under 2 days staggered again – I can only say thank you to all the lovely people for looking, commenting and encouraging me it is so wonderfully positive :))

Anway I have had a couple of features that I am again so pleased about

It’s all in the Legs was Featured in Sports for All from our Gym

I'm celebrating - care to join me?

in a tipple of the sparkly stuff!! Well you can have a sip from the bottle here it’s Avartar of the Week in Bits and Pieces – first time ever for me – Sally has made me a happy lady with that!! BUT also I was quite shocked to realise that I was at 90 features and today I made 100 wooohooooo………..I am shocked, thrilled and delighted! So if you will bear with me the latest ones are:…

French Wheels in Selective Colouring

Looking out of the Window – in Everyday European Life

Lest we Never Forget in ImageWriting

Le Port St. Martin in French Architecture

Purple Iris another Angle in Untouchables

Le Port St. Martin (again) in Seachanges

French Wheels and Onions in The Not So Fine Art of Photography

An Eely Different Breakfast in Weekly Theme Challenges

Who Me in As Is

French Wheels and

YES another Entry!!

I don’t normally do this but I just have to celebrate -—— sorry my friends but I have been given the honour of being made a Featured Member and wanted to share with you- yes me, that’s right!!! I am thrilled and gobsmacked!! The group to which I thank for this is Sports For All from our Gym

Thank you so much to the hosts and this group will get bigger and the challenges will grow!

For any of you that are reading this please do go along and help save this group from being closed! All Sports are now included have a look through your files and see what you have! If you don’t have anything then think of the challenges now more photo opps – yay!!

A Sale and Feature today!

Yes I have sold a card of…….French Wheels and Onions to a lovely RB member Clare Colins – I have already bmailed her to thank her for this buy and to tell her pleased I am – what a boost to the confidence, not that I don’t appreciate all the lovely comments I truly do but to have someone like a photo that I have taken and then say “I like that” enough to buy it whoooohooo what a happy moment!

:)) So Thank you Clare :))

Also a feature in Flotsam and Jetsam
Thank you to the lovely hosts – I had all but forgotten about this one so much appreciated :)

On a (bacon)Roll - I wish!

I couldn’t believe it just yesterday I had some more happiness with more features and another this morning! WOW I can’t beleeeve it!

In Our Memories is featured in Light in the Darkness – thank you so much to the hosts :)

French Wheels and Onions is featured in European Everyday Life (this one has the sc done on the onions as well – I only wanted to show Jason as he mentioned it!!) Thank you so much to the hosts :))

And if I am allowed to have personal faves then this is one of them Purple Daisy
is featured in You’re Accepted once again a big thank you to the hosts :))

Thank you so much to be featured is such a great thing and knowing that each time poor Rob jumps a mile does make me laugh even more!!

OH NO - here comes the SNOW!!

Yep we have the snow todays frost has got a little wose – our eldest is panicking she is over an hour away in town at Lycée and is relying on public transport to get her home! It’s coming hard and heavy – will it last who will know – will we be making snowmen tomorrow and will we be going on a winter wonderland walk?

Featured in Groups

I am so Happy what a lovely way to finish an exceedingly lovely weekend – we have chilled – I mean literally we have had minus 5 over the weekend, so how do we combat that? by going for a walk – in the a windchill factor of minus 10 well ok maybe not that cold but my legs were numb from the knee up is that right??) that aside been a great weekend but the sourness creeps in, back to normality tomorrow – 5.30am starts for Chloe and Rob, long dark days – early to bed nights and oh yes that four letter word – W*rk!! We are planning on starting an enterprise here in France so we have lots of red tape and stuff to sort out then Hubby can start advertising and I can start getting my design head on (well for some of the work that will come in) so fingers crossed! Anyway digression……what was I sa…

Just for Laughs - for Men that know and women that need to know!

Thought this might bring a few New Year giggles and sniggers :) so wanted to share it with you all also….I am sure it is about time we heard the mens side of things – someone somewhere has put in a lot of consideration to this!…

The Man Rules
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down

Finally,the guys’ side of the story.
(I must admit, it’s pretty good.)
We always hear ‘the rules’
From the female side.

Now here are the rules from the male side.

These are our rules!
Please note.. these are all numbered ’1 ’

1. Men are NOT mind readers.

1. Learn to work the toilet seat.
You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down.
We need it up, you need it down.
You don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

1. Sunday sports It’s like the full moon
or the changing of the tides.

First Two Features of 2009

what a wonderful surprise and honour to find I had been featured not once but twice in the Nostalgic Art and Photography Group – how thrilled am I!! Thank you so much to the hosts I started the New Year with a big smile :))

This Old House

Ploughing Over

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