Triple Whammy!

OH MY! I am absolutely jubilant – what a wonderful way to start the day (especially the weekend!) Having Ashley and Amelia featured is so special – not only are the children special themselves and I just love them to bits, but this photo is just the esesnce of children – Ash 13 has a few problems I won’t go into but to say calmness is not one of his specialities, but seeing him so kind and gentle with Amelia at the tender age of 11 months shows to me that babies bring out the best in everyone! He had a wonderful time with her over the time they all spent together!

Taken on the last but one day of their holiday with us my 2 best friends were here in France with me which was special in itself but to see the children all having fun and enjoying life was great – I was worried for poor Ash being the only boy around and wanting his best friend Chloe (my eldest) to play with him, but of course she is now 16 and would like to be with us grown up! He helped with Amelia’s bottles and wanted to hold her and hug her all the time, this is exactly the responses he needs – someone that just lets him love them all the time!

Thank you of course to my dear friends who allow me to use their children to practice on when they are here with us and saying yes to the use of these photos!

Honestly you would think I have won a bafta here! But to have 3 photos featured in my first week here on RB is far exceeded any expectations of mine ever! After working out what the groups are actually about – I thought it was somewhere that work was shared (I still need more info though on how it all works!) – I am as pleased as punch I took the bull by the horns and entered the photos!

I must say a great big thank you here to those that chose :) Ashley and Amelia :)

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