A little bit of history

No, this isn’t a history lesson, it is a small piece of my life and how I came to where I am at the present. I was born in Liverpool, England which makes me a ‘scouser’. I grew up mostly in Lancashire with diversions to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Gibraltar. I am a total Lancastrian at heart. When I was 17, I joined the British Army but I had a passion for photography even then. While in the army I became a part time assistant to Royal and social photographer Tom Hustler. Tom was an extremely competent photographer who had never passed a photographic course in his life. I met my partner during that time and eventually moved over to Australia.
I base a lot of my work on the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson as I am always looking for that moment in time, but I am also looking for the reality of life.
I sometimes work with a good friend Matt Setright who is on this site, who I am mentoring.

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