While walking in the woods today, the sky was grey, the ground was wet, the trees were quiet, as though in shock, the ground its-self seemed to tremble and shake, then I say the giant machines, churning the earth, dragging the great trees, some of them must have been over two hundred years old, and some obviously much younger, buried in the quagmire that was once a beautiful forest, my heart cried within my breast, was this not like the ethnic cleansing we see on our television every other night.As I walked home my heart heavy with the awful feeling of dread, how could we let this happen, someone for profit and greed would destroy a forest, that had evolved over several hundred years, to become a place of peace and tranquility, a haven for animal and man alike, was this not a terrible injustice, an affront to God and man.When I reached home I decided ot try and do something, anything, to try and prevent this sort of outrage from happening again, as I sat there on my new pine kitchen chair, by my new table, upon my lovely hardwood floor, I looked out of my wooden framed new windows, at my pristine mahogany conservatory and the beautiful garden furniture, that adorned my back garden, I smiled a wry smile to myself was I not as bad as the person who had ordered the felling of the trees, was I not a as guilty as all the others, who in their ignorance destroy our environment the countryside the whole wide and beautiful World.We all must think very long and hard, this unsustainable slaughter of our wild animals and wild places, can no longer continue, end it must before its to late, or our childern’s, children will never know the pleasure, the sheer joy of a simple walk in the woods, to see the birds and animals in their natural enviroment, free to roam, free to fly in Gods clean pure air,Please think again for all our sakes, before its to late.W.J.K.

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