fade to white

I always imagined that your strength would pull you through this. But I watched you last night, eating cake casually, talking about the dark strangers, the thieves, the brigands. They came from the flashing box, the door ajar, darkened corners and idle noises – but “It’s just the wind – the fire – the leaves.”

You asked someone for my name. You asked them who I was.

I shouldn’t have been so fucking offended
shouldn’t have juggled your value like cheap trinkets
shouldn’t have rewritten the paths of respect
shouldn’t have questioned your construction
because you will always be whole to me
we make you with our actions and our thoughts

i will make you forever, reconstruct you a million times
keep you here

I’ll remember for you if I can. I be around to watch the fall and keep the waste of human ignorance at bay.

If you ever see me again – that part of me your mind denies – I want to be there to say goodbye properly if you’ll let me.

I’ll wait
for you
because you
are still you

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