okayy. i am a straight girl. just lets get that clear. i love guys and they are my main obsession. anyways. i have always wondered why people discrimanate against people who arent the same as “normal people” what the fuck is a normal person? i really would like to know. cuz a total prep cud say that a emo person isnt normal but the emo person cud say the prep isnt normal. who cares what you dress like. what brand you wear. how rich or poor you are. cuz honestly what is that gunna do? make you feel better by making other people feel like shit? its just people who are too bored with their own pathetic lives that are so empty that they have to go and try to ruin someone elses. next.. the who gay staright bi thing…who gives a FUCK? honestly? not me. they arent gunna take over the world and kill you if you dont turn gay/straight/bi. its not your choise what sex they like! its theirs. personal choice. this world has become so sterotypical! it is almost annoying. and its not your life it is theirs and if they wanna go be emo and gay let them. what harm are they doing to you? none? exactly! thanks i love to hear your responses

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