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“Long Island Artist” Debra Ann Kasimakis is an artist. That is the simple explanation for this remarkable woman whose...


The creative process is a strange one. What makes us do it? Why are we able to do it. I mean, literally…How is it that some individuals are so able to think, from “nothing”, to be able to bring the thought into the tangible world, for others to see?

As you may have been able to understand already, I ponder often.

I do consider myself an artist, a creative. As an artist, I really don’t appreciate being pigeon holed. I don’t think any of the creative individuals appreciate that. I draw, sculpt, paint, sing, dance, write. What category would you place that into? I don’t feel that I need a category. I am multi disciplined but, NOT formally trained. Why would someone want to train me, anyways? I learn. Whatever it is that I THINK of, and want to “create”, I learn how to do that. Hey, what the heck.

I am in the throws of so many activities, right now…..writing my thoughts down is one of them. Asked to give a little background into ART UNDER GLASS. for a magazine article. Mmmm…yes, Art Under Glass. What can I say? I am over whelmed with the popularity of the program. A few years back, they renovated Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at Long Island University. They had a fabulous space designed and constructed for them. This space included an ATRIUM. To the Production Manager of Tilles Center, it looked like a “blank” canvas. The question was posed. Maybe something should be installed. But, what? A permanent piece of sculpture becomes MUNDANE. Ah, a thought. What about the ability to put art in and be able to change it? ART UNDER GLASS was born. The program is a collaboration between The Artists Group and Tilles Center. I am the owner/director of The Artists Group. (TAG),
a Long island, N.Y. based organizations that tries to bring creativity out into public spaces. That has proved to be not an easy task. We forge onward anyway we can.
We are very, very proud of the program’s success. The fourth sculptural piece is going into the space this AUGUST 2008 and will be on exhibit until MAY 2009. The Atrium is open on campus through out the year.

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