No more radiation! What happened to the celebration?

Yesterday, our son completed his radiation therapy. Now for some resaon I truly thought that for a time we would feel like celebrating. I wanted to celebrate. I wanted joy. No more two hour drives going and another two hours to make it back home. It was unusally quiet and as I gazed upon my husband and our beloved son I knew why there was no celebration…we have no clue to how this journey is going to end nut as for me, I believe in miracles. While my husband was driving with a somewhat blank face home I found myself staring at our son from the back seat . I wanted to tell him how very proud we are of him for his strength, bravery, patience and most of all how he absolutely refuses to stop dreaming. And I mean he has some big dreams. Our son has battled Leukemia since October 24th 2002 the day our lifes changed forever. I consider this New Year for we have learned to live this life day by day and in summary day by day is more than enough.

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