Rebecca Bryson

Gardner, United States

A budding photographer and artist living in Massachusetts attempting to live life to the fullest. I love to help others and do all I can...

Recent features and top ten placements in challenges

“Lonely " was featured in Dark and Industrial Images
and Moody & Evocative Groups

“A New Life” was featured in Layered Up

“Elevator Came Crashing Down” was featured in Construction and Demolished

“Yipppeeee!!!” was featured in ~The Human Condition ~

“Crabapple Tree " and "Just a Touch of Cotton Candy Pink were featured in Blooming Trees – 2 per day

Ya Know You Wanna Kiss Me! Congratulations! Barnyard Buddies Challenge Top Ten Finalist!

"Domo"Congratulations!!! You are a TOP TEN winner in the Accidental Images challenge in Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends Group

“1965 El Camino”Congratulations!!! You are a TOP TEN winner in the Black and White (no sepia) 1950s, 1960s, 1970s vehicles challenge in the 5-6-7 Autos, Trucks and Motorcycles group

You are the WINNER of the Flowering Bulb Macro showing only part of a flower challenge in the Flowering Bulbs group.
You are now a featured artist!!!

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