Street & Shelter Cats and other Stuff!!

There is a challenge running in this group and I am opening up to anyone and everyone who reads this entry.

I am attempting to save this group for the owner from becoming disbanded…calling all kitty lovers of rescued kitties please join us!

Tomorrow is the memorial service for my friend Terri, and I just got news that my former Pastor Kerri Twing passed on April 13. So I have just been a bundle of emotion. Top all of that off with one of the pulleys seizing in my jeep and threw the belt, which as grounded me for a short time, things have been a bit out of sorts for me.

I cannot believe it is Friday again already!

I am sure you have all heard about Susan Boyle, dreams really do come true and astrologically the timing was good for this lady who spent her life caring for her family members, and now finally realizing her dream
You gotta check her out!! She has gone viral, and now you cannot even embed her url to your page…wow!! One dream, one chance and the world is talking about her!

Love you all!!

A quote from Nanny McPhee: “You ARE the end of the story!”

Bless you all!!
xoxoxo Rebecca
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