The Warhorse...


I call him the warhorse because he is covered in battle scars…patches of fur missing, poorly healed wounds leaving white slashes on his black rump…it seems that he has been around for a while because I saw him last year too..
However this year he has made my garden his specific target, digging holes in the lawn, rooting up bulbs, tossing newly planted seedlings as if they were so much detritus in his daily raids on my garden beds

He is a canny one too…I would stand behind the screen door, and see him heading straight for my new plants, charging over from a garden across the street to sniff out my newly turned earth…
Before he notices my presence I would step out on to the porch just to see what he would do…
As soon as he sees me he comes to a screeching stop, veering sideways

The Girl in the Corner Seat

They were almost at Bloor St station, when he suddenly realized he had not put his teeth in that morning…clapping a palm across his mouth in an effort to hide the caved in lips he looked furtively around the silent car to see if anyone had noticed…
Heads were down, intent on their phones or books, others staring into space but none in his direction…good…no one seemed to be laughing at him..
Hastily checking himself over he peered down to see if he had forgotten anything else and noted an elderly man wearing decent blue jeans and checked shirt…alls well he breathed….suddenly he uttered a smothered cry…he was wearing odd shoes…oh my god he thought…he was wearing a polished brown brogue on one foot and his old black running shoe on the other…how did that happen and why did Janet let him leave

Another Woohoo....

Opened my mail to this really nice letter this was the icing on the cake of yesterday’s front page feature..

Hi Janis Zroback,

Exciting news! Your work, Tropical Fantasy.. has been chosen for a feature on Redbubble’s homepage. It will also appear on the shop pages for products you have enabled, which means we’ll be serving your art up to thousands of adoring eyeballs in the next few days.
Today’s the day to tell Facebook, Twitter, your mom, and anyone who will listen that Redbubble thinks you’re pretty awesome – and you have a feature on some of our most popular pages to prove it

Click here

Happy to Announce...

I am really happy to announce that Redbubble has made me the featured artist this week…the past nine years have been filled with wonderful artistic endeavours all through my being a member of Redbubble..I will be eternally greatful…thank you so much Redbubble..

Click here

Stolen Work....

Please check this Redbubble forum…works are being stolen from Redbubble to sell on a site called Fashionmart…I found seven of my products there

Check the first comment in the forum for the link where you can look for your own work, then for a fast search, just add your name to the search box at the top of the page at Fashion Mart..

Link to forum

Time For A Data Cleanse...

“In case you already didn’t know, every single email you’ve ever written or received, every photo you’ve uploaded, every location you’ve looked up on Google Maps, every search item you’ve typed in—all of this data is stored and available for Google to use in whichever way it likes..
All of this personal data is “relentlessly collected across all our devices, services, and accounts, and eagerly analyzed, shared, and sold.
If that doesn’t already completely terrify you, perhaps the horror of coming face to face with a detailed archive of your entire search history (aka the dark and inner workings of your psyche) will do the trick.
Just log on to and voilà: All of your embarrassing questions, your weird YouTube video rabbit holes, the restaurants you ate in, the hotels you s

Art Scammers On The Move Again..

You have received an email from someone who says that their wife saw your artwork online and fell in love with it instantly. They would like to purchase a piece at once, for her birthday – which is coming up very soon. That sounds great, right? Of course. But how do you tell if it’s real or an art scam?…

These scammers never stop their dirty work…over the years they have tried to scam me many times and have never succeeded and I thought this particular one had died a natural death..
However lately I have read that artists on Facebook and elsewhere are being targeted again…some have even had the scammer follow them around from LinkedIn to Twitter and beyond, wherever the victim had a presence…the scams are varied and some once they get to know your email address etc. can attempt to plant a v

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