An eBay Primer for Selling Original Art Successfully..

I’ve been posting the wise words of Jack White for a while now, and have been told that they have made a great difference to your art careers, and in truth a life changing impact on the sales of at least one RB artist..

Jack has made tons of sales of his originals on eBay, selling as an unknown artist under a pseudonym, earning $29,000.00 in the first year alone, and eventually becoming a Power Seller …
Although he says that artists can make a comfortable living selling their art on eBay he also asserts that it is not for "the lazy or faint of heart

For those who are interested in pursuing this tricky but potentially lucrative way to sell your original artworks, here are some of his tips…the quotes are his actual words..the others are my precis of his advice..

1.Do good work and keep good records of all sales

2.Start opening bids low (he mentions starting as low as one penny and the bid climbed to over $1,700.00), to get buyers interested…
“The biggest mistake artists make on eBay is trying to start the opening bid at a high amount. This discourages bidding.
The key to eBay is the contested bidding. This is why it’s called an auction instead of selling. I see art with opening bids of $24.99 with no bid. Worse yet an opening bid of $99. What this implies is I’m willing to sell this painting for a small amount

3.Write a solid title, with no abbreviations or catch phrases…you want people to find you immediately…never use the word “NEW” when selling a painting..
“Great titles can save you, while a bad title will break you”..
NEVER use any of eBay’s promotional deals. Instead, make art people will want to purchase and write great titles

4. NEVER list more than seven pieces of art at one time. In selling art, the axiom is less is more…if you show too many at once there is less urgency to bid.

5.Take great photographs and upload to the area that shows your art at optimum sizes…Gallery Plus is best for this..

6."Paint fast, keep your art simple and make it good. You cannot take three days to paint a 9×12 but neither will a 15 minute knockout do. Keep the painting bright. It’s difficult to get any bids on dull, tobacco juice paintings.
Don’t slap out junk, because the eBay collector is a lot smarter than you think. They know quality art. You might fake out your mother, but not the intelligent eBay bidder. One word of caution, eBay is not for the weak of heart. Your faith will be tested.
A painting you think is excellent might bomb..listen to your bidders…they will tell you what to post…as you get to know them establish a firm connection with them

7. Ship quickly the day after you are paid…offer free shipping if the bid will cover the cost…also be prepared to offer a refund if the painting is lost…using priority post will prevent this from happening and more importantly the recipient has to sign that they received the artwork…Jack says that he has never had a single painting reported lost..

8. “When you begin listing, it’s imperative you have the mind set you will stay the course for one year. You can’t start, stop and start up again”…when you get discovered, you want to keep art posted so that buyers will keep coming back to add to their collections..

Lastly…remember no one knew that they were buying work by Jack White…he painted different subject matter and different from his usual style, under a different name…his purchasers were doctors, college professors, several large cattle ranchers, and lawyers and even a rock star…so if you decide you want to try eBay, go for it…nothing ventured, nothing gained…
I have the testimony of at least one RB artist who tried it and is doing really well
.Source Fine Art Views

P.S. please let me know if you found this post helps me to decide whether to continue adding articles like this to my journal..thanks so much…

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