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Three Features this morning I’m so pleased

“_*Hibiscus Morning” is featured for the third time since posting last week, this time in Prize Challenges*_

Hibiscus Morning (Link to Page)

We practice avoidance this morning;
a marriage of papery faces nods in the sun
ox-blood, pearl and the pink-throated one,
their enviable tongues already discovered by the bees

“_*The Sentinels” is featured for the second time this week, this time in Everything Winter*_

The Sentinels (Link to Page)

They stand as sentinels against azure storms
Assured as most storms of life, it’s supposed
Although bared of dress, although naked as jays,
Winter’s trees umbrella from worst those
Emptied of warmth

“_*Yesterday’s Dreams 1”, posted yesterday, is featured in Live Love Dream*_

Yesterday’ Dreams 1 (Link to Page)

Yesterday’s dreams
Like birds in the winter
Have gathered together
And flown to the sun
Yesterday’ s promises
Like shells in the ocean
All shattered and broken
Like yesterday’s dreams

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