New Group Rules.....

I had hoped this would not be necessary…..however having just gone through a weekend that has really made me question
What is Happening to Redbubble" I think we have come to the point where we need to set out what is and what is not aceptable in Bits and Pieces…….for the members here who have been so loyal I THANK YOU…….and I know many of you think as I do..that there is a time and a place for everything..however there are some people who appear to think they have a free hand to do and say whatever they think without thought to other people…..or other peoples feelings……..I will never lower my Moral Standards for anyone……….this weekend I refused admission to BIPS to 3 people and brought in the “By Invitation Only” ability…..because BIPS will never be a ’home" for Garbage..for Pornography…for Filth…….
Whilst I admit I should have taken this to the other Hosts I have not done so..for the reason that I believe there will again be those who will try to disrupt and bring their filth here..and so for those who think they will have a free hand…..I shall be waiting……
direct your venom at me…..NOT the other Hosts…..but TRUST me I WILL REMOVE you…without Warning……..
To the Decent minded people and Friends here I apologise for having to put this in writing …….for those who understand what common Decency is……..these rules I know will not apply…………THANK YOU for reading this….and I hope BIPS will continue to be the Warm and caring group it has been …I and I know the Hosts we have will do our best to keep this a Clean and Decent place to be …. where even our children can come with out fear of the Depraved people interfering with out pleasure………..


This site is open to all including those under the age of 18, therefore some rules.

1 – – Quality art without pornography – nudity done with taste in a nonsexual manner
MAY be permissible if deemed so by the hosts.
2 – – Nudity in children is NOT acceptable, other than a baby in a bathtub (or the
such) that shows no private parts.
3 – – Profanity using sexually explicit “four letter type words” is not acceptable. It will
be judged and work will be not accepted and/or deleted if deemed over-the -top
by the hosts.
4 – – Repeated deletions or nonacceptance WILL mean removal from
the group.

Please be Courteous and respectful to all members…..Courtesy costs you nothing but gains you much…….

This group is intended to be enjoyed by ALL – offensive material will not be tolorated for the good of the whole.

in this site…………

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