Rain Shower and A Single Red Rose


The car sputtered to a stop. It was raining … hard! I got out of the car and put the hood up as if I knew what I was doing! If nothing else, it would signal to passersby that I was in trouble and needed help.

Looking at all the mechanics was useless. I had no clue what had happened to make my car suddenly stop running in the pouring rain! But no problem, I had my cellphone in my jeans pocket and a triple A card in my wallet.

As I reached into my pocket for the cellphone I decided to take one last look at that engine! I leaned over the engine and suddenly felt the cellphone slip from my rain drenched hand. Then I heard the splash! There was my phone lying in a deep puddle … covered completely with water. I knew it was not going to work but picked it up and tried it anyway. It was as dead as the car!

I looked around me and noticed that the road was empty as now was my spirit. The reality hit me that I might be stuck here for awhile. Then as I looked up at the sky with rain stinging my face, I whispered, “Why?”. So I just stood there with the rain pouring over me drenching me to the bone! I stood frozen for a few minutes until a sudden chill brought me back and I stepped back into the car, dripping wet. For a minute I thought I could put the heat on to chase the chill away then remembered … but the car won’t start!

I sat in the drivers seat staring out at the rain pouring down the front windshield. It was mesmerizing watching how the water left streaks down the glass leaving a wet trail. Soon my anxiety gave way to a more soothing and mellow feeling as the rain continued its dance in front of me. My mind was a blank. I could feel myself being lifted … I was out of my body and far away from this rainy scene.

I was home again and he was there with me. It was hot! One of those summer days when you can feel the heaviness of the heat in the air … the humidity was high and suffocating. Beads of sweat rolled down my face and dripped down inside the V-neck blouse. I glanced over at him and saw him looking at me, or rather, my breasts as the sweat rolled down between them. It was so very hot!

His tongue touched the inside of his upper lip. He slid it across, wetting his lip as he did so. The sensual look on his face told me all I needed to know. It was hot and was about to get hotter!

We stood opposite each other in the kitchen. As we faced one another we watched the rolling sweat glisten on our skin. Every muscle was accented by the shine of wetness. He removed his shirt while the crash of thunder could be heard nearby.

Dark clouds were gathering quickly. From my vantage point I could see past his silhouetted body through the window behind him. Another clash of thunder and suddenly the rain started to fall.

It was raining hard. The harder it rained the more excited each moment became as I watched him slide his hands over his bare chest brushing away the sweat. Not once did he look away from me but kept his stare on my near shivering, hot and wet with sweat, body.

He walked slowly toward me reaching out his hand for mine. He placed a single red rose in my left hand. Then he took my other hand and placed it in his while he moved toward the back of the house. We stared into each other’s face as I followed him to the back door. Then he left me there as slowly he opened the screen door and stepped outside into the rain.

I stood behind the screen and watched. He stood outside under the heavy rain which flowed freely from the patio awning. It flowed over him vigorously. He lifted his head toward the sky with eyes closed. As he did so, he rubbed the bare skin in a motion as if he was washing himself. A few moments later he opened his eyes and looked toward the house to found my gaze. Slowly and purposely he removed the rest of his clothing. His naked body was shimmering wet as he moved his hands over his skin making sure the cool, refreshing water hit every crevice and muscle. He was beautiful.

When I realized he was watching me, I felt myself blush and quickly closed my eyes. In that moment with my eyes shut, I heard the screen door open and felt myself being taken out the door and into the rain storm.

There I stood in front of him in the pouring rain fall. Water dripped from my hair and eye lids as he pulled me into him. I raised my lips to his. As we kissed, I felt the zipper of my jeans come undone and my blouse unbuttoned. In my mind I protested as I felt my blouse slip off my shoulders and down my arms followed by my jeans and panties but I uttered no words aloud. People can see us, I thought. We are outside in plain sight!

I allowed the rain to flow over my own nakedness, It felt so cool and yet so hot. Again he moved his body into mine until our slippery, wet skin left no space between us. Hands touched, lips caressed and my heart beat fast. My mind was in a blissful frenzy. And my eyes closed as I melted into each movement with every touch.


The cellphone rang making me jump! I opened my eyes and answered. The voice on the other end asked me where I was and how soon I would be arriving.

I looked around me. The sun was shining. The car was dry. The road in front of me was dry. Yet my hands were wet and my hair was dripping. I explained that I was off to the side of the road because my car had died.

“Hmmm … what happened,” he asked.

“Well, I got caught in the storm! “ I said.

“What storm?” He asked. Then I heard him laughing saying, “Come on now, stop trying to make up insane excuses for being late, it hasn’t rained for a week!”

I was a bit confused. “But the car stopped,” I explained.

“Let me hear it … try turning it over,” he said. I turned the key and the engine purred like a kitten!

“Ok, stop fooling around and get over here. I’ll get the grill started. See you in a bit.” And he hung up.

I sat in silence for a few moments. My clothes were wet and dripping, as was my hair. I just sat there staring off into the distance. Then something … out of the corner of my eye! I smiled as I was remembering ….

On the passenger seat next to me sat a single red rose.

Rain Shower and A Single Red Rose

Judi Taylor

Stowe, United States

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

Was it a dream or reality? What really happened that day? How could it be that I was drenched by the rain while all else around me was dry?

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  • Judi Taylor
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