Heavenly light and music ...

How wonderful to wake up this morning (in a terrible rush I might add … I am such NOT a morning person!) and find that two of my pieces have been featured.

The always wonderful group of Image Writing from “I don’t know how she does it each day” Cora and Anne Marie has shown favor to my piece Light from the Window which is a continuing story that must wait a few more days for its conclusion … SMILE! I am going to a Christmas Party tonight … woohoo! Perhaps I will see Anna there and that mysterious “Gentleman Caller”. Got you curious? Click on the link and go on thru parts 1-3

If that mystery is not enough, then explore with me where that heavenly music is coming from ….

The beautiful and talented Ushna told about her delight group C.O.R.E who have honored me once again with a feature of Music for the Gods

I am so blessed and take a look at all the pieces featured … I am honored to be in such GRAND COMPANY!

Thank you all.
— Judi

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