The new Cohost Speaks ...

I remember looking at someone’s abstract artwork and trying to decide what I was looking at. I turned my head this way and that! Closed my eyes and blinked and looked again. Finally I shamefully asked the artist, what is it? I was told it is not about what it is physically but how it makes me feel!

I pondered this for a minute and shook my head. “I don’t get it,” I said. Then the artist explained to me how this art made HER feel.

Sometimes it is something very subtle that changes the entire image! It is the movement of the colors from light to dark or the absence of color that strikes me now. In the almost hidden depths of a piece of art can be found a tiny voice that is shouting, I AM ALIVE!!! And suddenly … I get it! It looks like a dance … or I see a storm coming … or I bet that is what healing would look like if it was a color!

This was my introduction to ADAWG … Abstract Digital Art and Writing Group!!

I thought I had nothing to give to this group but I realized over time that I do! My digital art may not be as abstract as most but it has form and movement and color that means something … to me! It makes me feel.

You may feel the same way I once did. But don’t let that stop you! Come along with me as I continue to learn about this art form. You, as an artist, have so much to give, to share and I want to see it … and feel it … and show it to others!

So as the new cohost of ADAWG I challenge you to “make me feel” your art. I look forward to it!

— Judi

Personal note to both Lina and TeriLee … you gals are nuts!!! And THANKS!

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