A gift to many - Native American Prayer

I want to thank the person who bought eight cards of “Native American Prayer”. I hope the mystery buyer will come forward as I have much to tell you about this creation. I would love for you to share with me what it means to you as well.

What thrills me is not the amount of cards bought or even the fact that it was my creation because I am not the author of this beautiful prayer. What excites me is knowing that the words must have surely touched you as they did me. These words could have appeared on any image and still have the same impact.

I am humbled that grace was mine when I choose these words for this image. There was something much more powerful than me that created this. I was fortunate to be the medium that this power came through.

So even if I never learn who you are, I want you to know that Spirit knows you and knows your name. You will be blessed many times over for who you have been, who you continue to be and who you will become.

— Judi

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