The Assembly Project

Well, how should one begin?

Eleri, my partner (political correctness!) and I have instigated The Assembly Project over her in Wales. Just to give some background, we had a show of student work in a gallery in Mold, North Wales this year and our Assembly Member, Sandie Mewies (the English equivalent of a Member of Parliament or the American equivalent of a Senator etc.) very kindly opened it.

After meeting her, we were struck with her openess, fascinating background and clear dedication to her duty. Politicians, it seemed were not quite the obnoxious people portrayed in the press.

Over the next few weeks we reflected on this chance encounter (sewing machine, umbrella and dissecting table) and decided it would make an intriguing photographic project. Imagine, if we could photograph every Assembly Member in their constituency at a location of their choice? We could make politicians more ‘human’ and celebrate the Welsh landscape in one project. We believe no one person has attempted to record EVERY political representative of a country in such a way!

The shoots are going well and I will attempt to keep the journal up to date!

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