LAUGHING GEAR - Just Assin' Around

Laughing Gear showcases the best in lowbrow art and specialises in
politically incorrect, below the belt and nonsensical art. It caters for viewers
of all persuasion, left or right-wingers and the like.

Laughing Gear is engaging, it gets you thinking, talking, laughing and if you
look closely enough it’ll piss you off too.

Beware overexposure to this kind of lowbrow art can be mind altering, mind
blowing and can make your hair fall or your testicles fall off.

Wear protective clothing, wear UV protective sunnies , use 30+ sunscreen
and obtain a permission note from your parent(s) prior to viewing the
Laughing Gear Gallery. Please note: clicking beyond this point may leave
you with permanent brain damage and corrupt your mind and conscience.
If you are prepared for all of the above consequences, you may enter the
gates of Laughing Gear.

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