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I am a Sydney Australia based photographer that enjoys photographing landscapes, seascapes and also urbanscapes (with or without people)....

Minimalism group

Less is More (minimalism) Group

I have finally killed two birds with one stone …..that is written a journal entry and also set up a group (yippiee).

Groups was a feature I felt RedBubble needed. A cool way to group similar work together from various artists. When it finally did arrive I had no time to set one up until now.

I can not wait to see the minimalist art that fellow Red bubble artists will add to this group. I also encourage interaction by all available means, so this group can be both a showcase of minimalist art as well as a place where people can discuss various topics regarding this genre.

Some simple standard guidelines:
# One upload a day only.
# Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.
# Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail me (I love getting Bubblemail).

Cheers and have fun,


Journal Comments

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