I now have a lot of virtual contact with FlyBoy.
While searching for ‘_fashion’ pictures, of the 70s_ and of my teenage years, I came across this man flying_.
I took that with my very simple camera, beside the very new building of the Wollongong Teachers College, in 1963.
I believe this man’s name may have been Tim.
He seemed SO old! (Then!!!)
There was a limit on the ages of students who could be enrolled AND you could only be enrolled via a scholarship, which had a ‘bond’ attached, which required you, after graduating from college, to serve either 2 years in the far north-west of NSW, or 3 years elsewhere ’_in the country
’ (Rather than Sydney).
We had to learn about the skills which we would teach in P.E., (Physical Education). J
Just like the other subjects, certain students then specialised in areas.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline was not my thing. I went for Art and for Music.

Together with another Dutch-born student, I even tried to escape (across the field, towards the then new university, and the main road, at North Wollongong, to get out of the Sports / Athletics Carnival.

But the principal, Mr McGrath, rounded us up, in his car and TOOK us to the event.

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