40+ km walk and I paid $3.55 :)

The Bourke Intermediate High School held a walk-a-thon. In those years (the late sixties) the primary school, although quite separate, was officially, a department of the school.
On a blazing hot, sunny day, there was a walk, 15 mile out of town and 15 back.
I wore a t-shirt which exposed most of my shoulders. Together with this boy ( I believe * ) and a nurse and another man, I walked 15 miles out and 10 miles back.
Then it was 5 p.m.. and time for this ‘madness’ to end. (5 more miles in one hour did not seem achievable for me. The nurse had left us as our pace was too slow.)
The rest of that summer I had the shape of that t-shirt burnt into my shoulders and I was given the Principal’s Award, at the Monday Assembly, (Those which we usually give to the pupils.) for my effort.
The first names were colleagues. The last two were pupils.

POST SCRIPT (13 Oct.07): So good to see that Ross Campbell found this journal item!! It made me look at what I’d written and I realise that I PAID that amount because I’d sponsored these colleagues and pupils. (All females!)
Among my photos, on Redbubble, you’ll see pictures of my favourite place, the rocks and cement blocks, decorated with messages, beside the breakwall, in Nambucca Heads. For a few years there was a message there from the Longs, from Bourke.
I like to think they were the Long sisters, whom I taught.

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