How I got out of Bourke!

Actually it really wasn’t so bad and very interesting to look back on.
The dry heat, two terms. The constant orange sky (dust). The Chalkies v Bankies v. Council Office staff tennis matches. The mad drive to a B.& S. Ball. (I drove the huge Holden back, because I didn’t drink. Had lots of ‘fun’ working the column gearstick, for the first time ever.
Needed to stop the car once, when a kangaroo had bounced on to the bonnet.
Stepped outside to look around. My companions, – very!!!! relaxed – urged me to drive on, Back to Bourke.
I applied for the Art Teachers Conversion Course and was transferred, very close to where I lived in Sydney (Mascot Public School).
Re fashion. The shirt that I am wearing here, reminds me of the very loose, very large mohair jumper, I used to love to wear to work/school.
At one school a few of the kids took delight in pulling off the mohair. :)

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