Oyster Bay Public School, 38th Annual Festival, here I come! 5 paintings.

Did it last year, for the first time. Plan to do it again, this May.
Shall submit five paintings and walk around there a lot, on May 23 ( from 7:30 p.m..) and May 24 and 25, 2008, again.
Take some photos and particularly have a look at how my paintings shape up to the competition.
First heard of (read about) this annual event when my children were very little.
So little that there weren’t very many places we could go.
Saw the ad. for it in the local paper and thought that an art exhibition and ‘fair’, held, at a public school would surely be child-friendly and it was.
Last year it was fun to meet up with two colleagues there too.
They were the principal and his wife.
He and I had shared refereeing the soccer games, quite a few times, when his teams played against mine and she and I worked at the same school for most of the last eleven years of my teaching career.
At this stage I’m thinking of entering this painting:

(Two of the three girls don’t live too far away from the venue. Hopefully they’ll be having a look.
And this one:

She too, as far as I know, lives not too far away either. It would be fun to find out what she thinks of the painting.
I have tried to contact her via the shop where I met up with her, in December. Whether these people passed on my phone number, I don’t know.

Art prizes are $100.
Major prize: (Judges Choice) $500
Funds raised are of course for improvements to the local children’s education.
Entries close 5 May.

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