Challenge- 2,3,4, tell the people what she wore! It was.......

….an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny…….you know the rest!
My yellow rubber ducky refuses to go out and be photographed anymore. Finds it embarrassing!
Speaking of embarrassing, when I was a teenager, I loved my Cookie Jacket, comb and wore tan shoes and pink shoelaces to Bob Potter’s Ballroom Dancing classes.
What was the fashion when you were a teenager? May I suggest a challenge? You and/or your friends in the fashion of then_?
….and which (famous) people influence(d) you?
For a party where we were asked to come in fancy dress, I had so little resources, I ’_thought
’ I was looking like a hippie but I kept having to explain that.
I’ve always been rather conservative (Possibly hard to believe when you happen to come across me beside the Wollondilly River! But then again, that’s a bit out-of-fashion too.)

I’m not really quite sure yet how challenges are made here but I hope that I have done so, now: The fashion of our teenage years.
Meanwhile I shall go and look for pictures of my flared trousers, floral shirt and cravat.

(No Bay City Rollers for me! Ed Byrnes, of 77 Sunset Strip influenced my choice!)

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