A family affair.

Two parcels from Redbubble yesterday. (This journal is taking over from my blogs, elsewhere!)
Picked one up, in the morning, before Art Class and, together with Chip, the Duck, the other, in the afternoon.

Daughter rang later and arranged to meet me and my son (naturally, her brother) at the hospital, to visit my father (their Opa).

After the visit (Had good laughs at the banter between my father and the male nurse.), I handed my daughter the print of the photo that she took, of my father, with his hat and my son the cards, with my painting of the picture that his friend had taken of him.

Both were very happy with these items and laughed at my cards, (the picture of me jumping out of a Joop! box). Altogether, very satisfying!

Some time ago I borrowed a bit from an ad., to send to email friends, about celebrating with a good cup of coffee! Seems appropriate here!

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