Everyone's a critic!

It’s so hard to know whether your paintings are good or getting better!

Yesterday was my turn again to be ‘on duty’ in the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre.
After we were made to leave our building, in the grounds of the retirement village, we were accommodated behind the Dutch shop, in Smithfield.

The shop is in a factory building and we have a section, behind the furniture ‘department’.
In winter, it can be cold and lonely there, if visitors to Holland House don’t go through the shop, through the restaurant, through the furniture and find us or be interested in finding us.
So, I’ve been taking my paintings, for something to do.

Yesterday there were quite a few visitors.
They weren’t there for my painting but it was there as a talking-point and, naturally I was interested in their reactions.
There were certainly no Ooooos and Aaaaahs! The two who made positive comments both paint, themselves.They don’t paint themselves.
They’re artists too.

Update: Worked some more on the painting. Believe that the impressionist effect works better in real life than even via this camera.

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