The house on the hill.....

…..across the creek, when evening shadows fall.

It’s already very plain. At least for now, I am neglecting ALL those other things I usually do, in cyberspace and am 98% stuck with my nose in the red bubble.

I put out the barbage bins tonight (the green and the red) and saw the light on the hill.
Well, – across the creek, the setting sun was reflecting on the houses there.

Raced back inside and grabbed my camera.
Adjusted lenses, etc., and missed the best bit.

At least the kid next door, this time, did not yell: " Mum! That perve is taking my picture! " and hide his face, this time.


At least, this time he called out to me: " What are you taking a picture of?"

So now, in my best retired school-teacher manner, I had a chance to explain that there was a beautiful reflection of the setting sun, on the houses, across the other side of the creek.

I don’t think he was interested.
(We’ve had quite a few different people next door, since the Dutch-Indonesian couple passed away and the house was sold and rented out.)

I’d left it all too late!

I shall remember, tomorrow, late afternoon, to go up the hill and see if I can get a better view and shot.

I shall also try to remember to set the size of the picture to ‘large’, so I can satisfy the requirements for uploading it to my portfolio.

So much to remember!

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