"_But I shouldn't complain_"....

Bob smssed me from Cap d’Agde. Arrived safely in the U.K.. Friends drove him to Chateau de Rodie. Then stayed with friends in Perpignan and then in Montpelier and is now going for a walk along the beach, at Cap d’Agde. Shall go to Bern, after two weeks in the sun and then, Zurich, before coming home, to Sydney.

Gerda tells me, via Skype, that daughter, Netty, and friend, Monica, had a great time in Turkey and is now back in The Hague.

Marion and Ruud are having a great time in Vienna, showing their Australian friend around, I see, via ‘whereareyounow’.

Ton and Christa sent me pictures of their trip to Croatia and Peter, told me, at the Federation meeting, that this time he’s going to climb the Andes.

I fed the cat. Put out my father’s medication. Checked to see if he’d eaten his cereal (He hadn’t.) and I had a cup of coffee.

But I shouldn’t complain,”says my father a thousand times, (Short-term memory is gone. 90, four days from now.) when he’s just complained about getting old.

Never mind. My turn to go somewhere again will come!!

(Is that a Qantas plane overhead?)

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