Oh! I did like to be beside the sea-side! Oh! I did like to be beside the sea!

I just visited a Redbubble work, where the creator asked if the picture made me nostalgic for holidays by the sea.
Well. Yes and no.
The picture is called: Memories of Cornwell
I’ve never been there, but in Australia, we have absorbed so much English culture, through literature (at school – Wind in the Willows, The Forsyte Saga, etc., etc..) (and later films and particularly t.v..) but my memories of going down to the sea again, are of Katwijk aan Zee, and Scheveningen (Near The Hague).

I’m in one of those moods again where it strikes me as a little sad that we three cousins, in this old picture were only ever together like this, once (in 1954).

This is a cousin, on my mother’s side of the family. (Luyt Postma).

This is a cousin , from my father’s side of the family. (Wijnand Mul).

And then, there’s me.
I visited Wijnand Mul and his wife, only two years ago. We had a wonderful day together, exploring ‘The Green Heart’ of Holland , where they live.
With my parents, I visited the Postma cousins, in 1969, once.
And visited Cor Postma, one more time, in 1997! How time flies!

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