"That's another fine mess you got me into!" (P.S. for previous entry.)

There had been something special about the Jan Ligthartschool. A different approach to teaching and, although situated in a ‘working-class’ part of town, the school, attracted the children of middle class families, as well, for a short time.
I attended 1st to almost the end of 6th grade before leaving for Australia.
First walked to school with the two girls who lived at the end of my street but, after they left, I walked with my best friend, Piet (‘Pete’).

One day, we were in a silly mood. (Were we 10?) Took each other’s hand and SKIPPED along the footpath and were growled at by a man we passed.

No doubt he was concerned that these two little boys were having too much of a gay old time!

Think of us as mini-versions of Laurel and Hardy and – yes – I would be the very young Oliver Hardy.

Piet always made me laugh!

Visited him and his wife and two children, in 1972. Took the children for walks in the snow. But it didn’t work out. Miss-understandings and differences in attitudes had developed.

He’s got the internet but I believe prefers the old way. Has sent me a letter, some time ago.

I took a photo of our primary school, in 1997. It had become a centre for teaching Dutch to immigrants and a place where, as I noticed later, via the internet, racial differences were, at one stage being discussed, at public meetings.

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