Nobbys Beach. Phew! Still clean!

Phew. The situation has been saved and, just from what I’ve seen on TV, not too much damage to Newcastle’s most promoted beach.

Not only have I recommended it twice now, in the process of judging beaches for the Keep Australia Beautiful, Clean Beach Challenge, NSW competition, we also held our pre-competition workshop days there, a number of times and then, as part of that day’s program held mock judging sessions, going through the process to enhance our ‘skills’ as judges.

I got to know the beach and the people who look after it and who provide the services, quite well.
I did my best, just as in the case of the North Wollongong Beach and Bondi and Manly, not to be swayed by how many resources are able to be put into these high-profile beaches, compared to others.
I still needed to be convinced that ordinary visitors, like myself, would be happy there; feel safe; enjoy the facilities and relax. But each time I WAS impressed.

Well looked after and, on both occasions, it was proved to me that the beach had very good access for young and old and that lessons had been learnt from the past, regarding the safety of all who come to the beach, including the very many people whose first language is not English.

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  • Juilee  Pryor
  • Juilee  Pryor