Retirement. Watching the roses grow........

I wasn’t ready yet but tempus fugitted and time to find alternatives to doing what chalkies do.
So, there’s judging beaches, once a year. That fills a few weeks at the end of September.

There’s Hazelhurst and weekly art classes, during school terms.

There’s looking through the books at home that will never be read again and ‘giving them wings’, through Bookcrossing and, hopefully, finding out where some of them travel, in the world and whether they are appreciated by others.

There’s joining the board of the D.A.C.C. (Dutch Australian Cultural Centre)

There’s joining the board of the Federation of Netherlands Societies and attending their meetings – when I remember!! (I’m in trouble!)

There’s places to go….

Things to do……

Things to see…..

People to meet….

But I’d love to start all over again and be working……….I think!

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