The mouldy old past!

I was actually looking for the picture of me, snorkelling, at the Great Barrier Reef, out of Port Douglas, in 2005 and picked up, among the other mess this scrap-book.
I’ve put some of the drawings, here, on my bubble and just want to explain that these two drawings are not of ex-pupils but of two young girls, on Maroubra Beach.
I have to explain again that our boys high school, in Randwick was disbanded and half of us were sent to the new Maroubra Bay High School (Heartbreak High).
We were then in third year and only in first year, there were girls.
And they were so cute!
But the age-gap was of course huge!!!

Now we’re all old enough to be grandparents and the difference seems minimal.

P.S.. It was the days of the surfies v. the rockers (Think of West-side Story) and the kids who lived really close to this new school, near Maroubra Beach, almost all bleached their hair (with lemon).
I don’t know if this girl did but she had that healthy sun-burnt -look and real blonde hair.
(Yes. That is mould on the drawing.)

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