Art class.

Was back in the art class, at Hazelhurst, again, yesterday, after a small operation and a follow-up appointment with the doctor, stopped me, the last two weeks.
It IS good for me, to paint there.
I start paintings off, at home. I don’t really participate in Melissa’s lesson. I bring my own ‘project’ to work on and find her advice useful.
I always see the painting in ‘a different light’, if you’ll pardon the expression, there.
And I like the atmosphere.
Melissa ‘chats’ throughout much of the three hours and, after getting everyone started on something goes around advising and encouraging and, as she does so, happily tells us about things she’s done in the past.
Yesterday, at one stage, the topic rather fitted my previous journal entry.
The theme became wigi boards, philosophies, connectedness with spirits and the earth and someone explained that we are, after all connected to nature, made of carbon etc..
Time always flies. Got a lot done too.

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