The Como Bridge

I like taking people (usually Dutch -but not always – who have found me, via the internet, on drives from La Perouse (or even Cronulla), to Watsons Bay and then to Manly.

But if they’ve done that, then, lately I’ve liked taking them to the bridge, at Como. It has such a leisurely, Sunday afternoon feel to it.
People walking across, to and from the next station. Or just strolling; taking the dog for a walk or riding the bike.

It’s a peaceful place. Often a typical game of cricket going on, on the oval and I like pointing out that the hotel is associated with Henry Lawson.

I like to think of it as one of the off-the-beaten tourist track.

One couple, not Dutch, at all, enjoyed coming there with me, a number of years ago now, because he remembered Sunday visits, from Coogee to Como, to visit, a family, taken by there by his grandmother.
What a trip, back then!!

He’d been a young boy then, in the thirties, and he was so curious about what had happened to the teenage daughters, of their hosts.

We came close to finding out!

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