You're so vague. You'll probably think this quote is about you!

At the meeting, on Wednesday, a fellow committee member remarked something like: ‘As an academic, in a practical field, I find artistic people so vague. They waffle so.
He said it with a smile, aware that three of us are involved in creating art and another member of the board (not present) works in event management (art on paper).
My contribution to one of the topics probably helped to prove his theory.
I had attended a talk (as he had), given by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who spoke informally to an audience of predominantly (as far as I could tell) Dutch ex-pats (rather than Dutch-Australians).
I was attempting to put into a few words how I felt about trying to digest it all and work out who was (is) right or wrong.
I know we need people like him, or else we would not have well-designed highways and by-ways. (And, actually he happens to paint, himself.)

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